10 Health conditions indicated by your bad breath

Have you ever experienced Bad breath? Lost your self-confidence? Yes, no wonder! It hits everyone at least once in their lifetime irrespective of their age groups. Sometimes you feel hesitant to say your near ones about it as it takes to mute yourself from social interaction. Halitosis is the term used to refer bad breath. This detestable situation can be caused due to poor oral hygiene or also certain health condition paves a way on you to indicate that something fishy is going inside your body. No worry! We are here to help you to know what health conditions can put you in this embarrassing situation. Just keep reading this post!  

Common cause: 

The common cause of Halitosis is due to improper brushing and flossing, or it might be due to food particles stuck in between the teeth for a longer period of time. It can be remedied by practising proper oral hygiene. So don’t ever leave a room for the bacteria to grow inside your mouth. But, if the issue still persists then visit the dentist for the best advice. Also, try using an antibacterial mouth rinse to eliminate bacterial growth that causes bad breath. You can place an order for medicines from any online medicine store for fast delivery.

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 Is your health condition whispering you? 

It’s not always true that only improper oral hygiene can put you on the foul-smelling breath. It can also be due to certain health conditions that leave a warning sign of any diseases. So always try to do some research and monitor your body for any immediate change before visiting your health expert.  

Dry mouth:

Dry mouth or xerostomia is caused when the production of saliva is decreased. The role of the saliva is to break down the food into particles and to the cleanse mouth. Also, it helps to prevent cavities and infections. Dry mouth mostly occurs during night time and chronic condition can be sometimes associated with the problems of salivary gland or with certain medications. 

Mouth infections:

Gum diseases, mouth sores, tooth decay or a wound caused after oral surgery can leave you with bad breath. 

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Bad breath is a major cause for sore throat. The same bacterium which causes bad breath is responsible to infect tonsil. The tonsils will become red, inflamed and have white spots which smell awful. Frequent dental check-ups and managing dental hygiene can reduce the problem to a greater extent. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. 

Sinus infection:

Sinus infection can cause a frequent sore throat and stuffy nose. The fluid gets accumulated in the nasal passage and throat. It is not something to be cured with regular brushing or with a mouth wash. Visit your dentist if you suspect post nasal drip and sore throat to rule out the cause.

Liver diseases:

Liver disease can cause severe bad breath. It is known as “fetor hepaticus”. Dimethyl sulphide is known for the sweet and musty aroma. Breath analysis, the diagnostic tool is used to detect liver diseases. (Ref: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18938115)

Stomach ulcer:

If you have Stomach pain, unusual taste in the tongue and heartburn (acid reflux) you are probably experiencing stomach ulcers. It can be caused due to Helicobacter pylori. This is responsible for your bad breath and also gastric cancer. 

Lung infections:

Lung infections like pneumonia, bronchitis and a pulmonary abscess can cause bad breath. 


Breath leaves clues of your health. Inadequate insulin production causes diabetes. They burn fat to produce ketones. The higher level of ketone called ketoacidosis causes diabetic complications leading to bad breath. Always keep a check on what your breath is telling you. 

Kidney failure:

If you are suffering from acute kidney failure your breath may smell fishy or like ammonia.  It is due to the high concentration of urea in saliva which breaks down to ammonia leaving an unpleasant odour in breath. 

Sjogren’s syndrome:

Sjoren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disorder which attacks and inhibits exocrine glands like salivary glands leaving your mouth dry.  

Instil good oral habits in you to keep your bad breath at bay. As supermarket shelves are packed with a variety of mouthwashes try using them to fight bad breath. Visit your dentist and do a dental examination to address any health concern caused by halitosis. “Always give the best care possible to keep your mouth and gums healthy”!