10 Medically proven benefits of Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar, as the name suggests, means “sun salutation”. Sun being exaltedly supreme in the entire universe brings illuminance, good health and power to every living being on this planet. 

To be noted, Surya namaskar is not part of any religion or sect. It can be performed by any individual for reaping fitness benefits. 

In this article, we will bring forth the goodness & the medical benefits of doing Surya namaskar (12 steps) and why one should do it regularly.  

#1. Keeps a check on weight

Keeps a check on weight

Surya namaskar not only helps you tone up the whole body and gain flexibility, but also helps you lose weight and keep a check on your weight.  It is especially helpful for people living with obesity, diabetes, arthritis and PCOD who are really looking forward to weight loss due to medical reasons. It is advised to do atleast 12 judicious rounds of Surya namaskar daily to achieve the best results. 

#2. Maintains blood sugar levels 

World diabetes research is suggestive that doing yoga and specifically Surya namaskar regularly, actually helps you maintain your blood glucose levels along with medicinal compliance. Good news for people with prediabetes is that, your condition can be delayed or reversed for ages if you regularly incorporate Surya namaskar along with pranayamas.  

#3. Prevents cardiac diseases

Prevents cardiac diseases

If you are a beginner, then you are advised to do all the steps slowly until you get your best grip over the 12 poses. Once, you have mastered the 12 poses, try and do it a little vigorously. This will give the same effects as cardio exercises taking your heart rate daily to the optimum levels so that your heart functions smoothly. 

#4. Restores hormonal balance  

Doing yoga and specially Surya namaskar actually has a very good effect on pituitary glands, adrenal glands and thyroid glands. It really helps in the secretion of hormones such as TSH, Estrogen, FSH, adrenaline and many others. Not only this, it also helps in improving the metabolism in general people, while specifically benefitting the people with metabolism disorders. 

#5. Boosts fertility in men & women

Boosts fertility in men & women

Surya namaskar, due to its empowering effects, has immense benefits on reproductive systems of men & women both. Women who practice surya namaskar along with pranayams are known to keep uterus & infertility issues at bay, along with having smooth delivery & labor processes in future. Men not only gain physical fitness by doing this exercise, it also boost their prostate functions achieving  virility & strength to a great extent.   

#6. Keeps thyroid & arthritis at bay

Thyroid and arthritis are two lifelong conditions which have their onset either due to lifestyle or hereditary reasons. Hence surya namaskar and other yogic exercises can play a very vital role in preventing oneself from bone related disorders and thyroid related issues.  Surya namaskar ensures the right amount of flexibility & hormone secretions so that arthritis & thyroid doesn’t take a toll on you. 

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#7. Improves sleep & battles insomnia 

Improves sleep & battles insomnia.

Though the ideal time to do Surya namaskar is in the early mornings, this exercise energizes the body throughout the day giving you a sense of feel-good factor. Say bye to those sleepless nights & sleeping pills. Increase your number of surya pranayams to enjoy blissful sleep and battle Insomnia with this powerful regime.  

#8. Reduces depression & anxiety 

The world’s top psychiatrist and psychologist lay emphasis on practicing yoga and surya namaskar for mental health and overall health. They themselves claim to have reaped a lot of benefits as clinicians in personal well-being as well as in dealing with patients with depression and anxiety. Practicing surya namaskar does have a calming effect which brings relief to people living with anxiety and other mental disorders. 

Speak with a doctor if anxiety is beyond control

#9. Improves digestion & absorption of nutrients 

The stretching and lifting of the weight of your own body, while doing surya namaskar powers your intestines and stomach muscles to absorb valuable nutrients whilst keeping it toned and lean. Hence, remember to eat all the essential minerals, nutrients, fibers and healthy fats to enjoy the glow and fit body inside- out. 

#10. Manages PCOD & menstrual problems in women

For women, surya namaskar is nothing less than a miraculous power exercise with multiple benefits. Judicious practice of surya namaskar completely takes care of irregular menstruation, weight gain, thyroid fluctuations, infertility, hair loss, diabetes, arthritis and pain during periods. If you are looking for a one stop solution for all your women related problems, don’t wait, just begin. 

Last but not the least, 

Powerful steps of Surya Namaskar – (practiced individually) 

10 Medically proven benefits of Surya Namaskar

  1. Prayer pose (Pranamasana)
  2. Raised arm pose (Hastauttasana)
  3. Hand to foot pose (Hastapadasana)
  4. Equestrian pose (Ashwasanchalasana) 
  5. Stick pose (Dandasana) 
  6. Salute with eight parts poses (Ashtanganamaskara)  
  7. Cobra pose (Bhujangasana) 
  8. Mountain pose (Parvatasana)
  9. Equestrian pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana) 
  10. Hand to foot pose (Hasta Padasana) 
  11. Raised arm pose (Hastauttasana) 
  12. Standing mountain pose (Tadasana) 

Practice sun salutation daily with a feeling of gratitude, smile on your face and awareness on your breathing to reap the maximum benefits.