10 ways to stay happily quarantined at home

So far, India has been battling COVID-19 effectively as a team, and also following lockdown judiciously. However, during the lock-down period, one can show some flare up of symptoms such as runny nose, mild fever, sneezes, throat pain, coughing, or body aches individually or together. Don’t panic, these symptoms are very much signs of various allergies, common cold and other infections too.

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Most often, we can figure out that all the above-mentioned symptoms are necessarily not the signs of Covid-19 infection. Especially if you have no travel history in the past 4 weeks, no participation in group meetings or no touch with susceptible patients directly or indirectly, then you are possibly safe. Possibilities are you may have contracted an allergy or an infection of bacterial or viral origin. In case of allergy, instant anti-allergic medicines will bring relief but if the doctor hints an infection, don’t take a chance! Prepare a self-quarantine regime at home and be watchful of your symptoms so that your family and loved ones are safe.

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First and foremost, get a separate corner/room for yourself exclusively, so that you don’t pass even any normal infection to others. Secondly, stock up& take charge of all your personal belongings such as phone, laptop, medicines, snacks, books/magazines, cups, plates and clothes with you for the next 14 days and don’t let other family members touch them. Wear a mask at home if you continuously sneeze or cough. Additionally, here are 10 things to stay happily quarantined.

1. Put the stress & worry at rest

Put the stress & worry at rest


Medical researchers claim that stress and worry play a huge role in further weakening of your immune system. Hence de-stress and worry less. Reassure yourself with the fact that 75 percent of COVID patients globally are overcoming with mild to moderate symptoms along with effective quarantine. So, put on that favorite music & kick on! You shall overcome. Massage with a warm aromatic oil to ease out stress and feel better every day. 

2. Pick a hobby

Pick a hobby


You may be feeling low, guilty and anxious. Many of us can take it otherwise but there is a bright side to it. This may be a nice opportunity for you to pick that hobby up which you always wanted to do such as painting, singing, reciting poems, writing and for some even stitching & knitting.

3. Comedy show every night

Comedy show every night


In the era of Netflix,Amazon prime and YouTube, one cannot get that easily bored.Choose the 14 best comedy movies and shows you really want to watch, line one up for every day & let the laughter spread and not the infection. You can choose to watch with family but remember to maintain social distancing.

4. Make a phone call to all your close friends

Make a phone call to all your close friends


Speaking to close friends does make a huge difference in uplifting the mood and boosting the general morale of people, hence you are hugely recommended to connect with people who really can make the difference.  What are you waiting for? Get set and go!

5. Meditate to keep the mind positive

 Meditate to keep the mind positive


There will be times in these 14 days when you will feel lock downed in the mind as well. Believe it, you are not alone, it’s natural to happen. Meditation really helps calming the stressed mind and also brings out the best in you. Try out the famous guided meditations on YouTube after initial meditation drills.

6. Light work outs to keep the body fit

Light work outs to keep the body fit


Meditation is for the mind and light work outs are for the body to secrete the essential hormones along with keeping the mobility intact. Depending upon your health condition, free-hand exercises, leg raises, and spot jogging in combination with home props for 20 minutes daily will ensure that there is no much muscle loss. These exercises revitalize the body and prepare it for speedy recovery. Another important form is yoga & pranayamas (breathing exercises).If you are not used to it, please begin with the beginner’s guide.

Yoga for beginners

7. 20 minutes of sunshine between 8 to 9 AM daily

Light work outs to keep the body fit


We travel to far away beaches, valleys and places to enjoy the powerful benefits of the sun. This is the time when you can do it from the balconies, roof tops, or gardens. The powerful sunshine keeps you not only nourished with ample vitamin D, it also generates warmth and a feel good factor which may help in reducing the risk of further elevation of symptoms by boosting the immune system. Special suggestion is to read a book or take a power nap in the sun to get an even exposure.

8. Read & write meaningful poems

Read & write meaningful poems


Now is the time to discover the poet in you! Jokes apart, it’s a proven fact that there is no better company than a pet & good books. Request your loved ones to supply you with editorials & enjoyable readable material so that it keeps you engrossed & enriches you deeply. If you are working from home, introspect and distribute time so that you can also reinstate the love for poems and poets. Let the creative juices in the mind & body flow.

9. Make the meals interesting

Make the meals interesting


During lock downs, stocking up essential commodities become mandatory, because every time a member steps out, it poses a risk to the entire family. However, stocking up with what you like to eat is wise and wiser if you can find recipes of food items you already have.

The ideal things to have during quarantine are healthy vegetables soups & hot liquids such as tea/coffee/ milk shakes, oats, and fruits such as oranges, bananas, papayas and lots of fresh green vegetables. And don’t forget to make the meals interesting with added innovations from your side.

Here are some pantry stock-up ideas for you which can last long in your kitchen.

10. Make a list of things you are missing during quarantine

Make a list of things you are missing during quarantine


Yes, the most interesting part is whatever you are missing out in these 14 days can be listed down. And whenever your health recovers and the situation outside get completely healed, you can plan to relive your missing desires. However, it is strictly suggested not to overlook the preventive guidelines along with self-hygiene and community hygiene protocols, right on the next day of lockdown release. Remember, breaking the chain of transmission does not certify 100% elimination of pandemic around you. So, fulfill the things you missed, but take enough time for everyone’s welfare.

Last but not the least, when you have a known travel history abroad or to COVID-19 hot beds or you are exhibiting symptoms, staying self-quarantined is one of the best contributions and display of responsibility towards your family & society. So, count your blessings & blink the 14 days!

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