12 Health lessons we learnt in the year 2020

It’s been a year that every individual on the planet experienced a life-shaking experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though life got miserable with the stress and fear running high amid the frantic times, there are a few lessons we learned during this period. We started to focus more on the things which were neglected in our day-to-day life previously. Yes! We all prioritized health and understood that we need to take care of ourselves even more than ever.

To make a short brush up with the things that happened in the year 2020, here is a list of lessons we learned. Let’s take a look now!

Health lessons we learnt in the year 2020:



COVID-19 pandemic taught the entire world a few important lessons and they should be kept in mind for the betterment of our lives. Let’s check them out now:

Immunity is important:

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Improving immunity is paramount at this juncture. We have seen how strong immunity has helped people to get protected from the infection and fight it when infected. Hence everyone should focus on

  • Improving the diet
  • Never compromise on sleep
  • Stay active
  • Stay hydrated
  • Include supplements and superfoods in the diet
  1. Hand washing is the key: Good and proper hand washing is the first line of defence to stop the transmission of infections like the common cold, flu, diarrhoea, or hepatitis to name a few.  Well! Spending 20 seconds at the sink can reduce frequent doctor’s visit.
  2. Social distancing should be a norm: Limiting face-to-face interaction by maintaining physical distancing of at least 6 feet could limit the spread of the virus. Every individual should maintain proper spacing to slowdown the spread of the infection and to protect themselves, their families and communities.
  3. Infections are unpredictable: Yes! The infections are unpredictable and the battle is not yet over. We have learned from the pandemic that, there remain many unanswered questions. There is no doubt that we have learned a valuable lesson in the past few months to curb the virus, still the outburst of infection is unpredictable.
  4. Living in contagion is an achievement: We have gone through a lot of hardships and suffering in the past few months. Still, we made a difference by doing our best to follow the government set norms to keep everyone in the family, society, and community safer. Living in uncertain times definitely is an achievement, even though it added another layer of uncertainty to our lives!
  5. Mask is imperative: Regular wearing of masks has greatly reduced the amount of virus expelled in the air while speaking and sneezing. Masks reduced the transmission of disease to a greater extent and using mask should be followed by all in the future as well.  

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Maintaining personal and environmental hygiene is crucial: Personal and environmental hygiene was never taken so seriously before pandemic times. But now, personal and environmental hygiene has proved to keep major diseases at bay and it is mandatory to be followed by every individual around the globe.

Misinformation kills:

Info Demic


 Every person should share trustworthy, clear, accurate, and actionable information based on genuine evidence from government websites. Remember, fake news can cost lives.

People can be infectious without being sick: Yes! One of the major challenges we are facing today is the infection spread through asymptomatic carriers who don’t show any signs or symptoms. So, being watchful and maintaining safe distance is the mantra to stay safe.

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  1. COVID-19 infection can sicken and kill anyone: COVID-19 infection can kill healthy people, young adults, teenagers, children, older adults, or anyone with co-morbid health conditions. So, following safety protocols is mandatory by all and should not be taken lightly.
  2. Disinfection of shared surfaces is preferable: COVID-19 spreads easily from person to person and the surfaces are not the significant mode of transmission.  Yet, it’s a good idea to wash the hands regularly after handling packages and wipe down the shared surfaces with the household disinfectants. Precaution is always better.
  3. Adapting to a new normal can make life easier: COVID-19 changes have brought massive changes rapidly and abruptly in our daily life. Suddenly adjusting to the new normal is a little stressful, but putting the perspective to win the COVID war, it is vital!

    Re-orienting the thoughts and actions based on the current pandemic scenarios with positive tweaks is important to bring the best out of life. Yes! Realizing the pandemic consequences, learning the lessons that the world taught us and reflecting them in our daily activities is truly important during this pandemic era.  So, let’s all value the health lessons we learned in 2020 to prevent the worsening of the situation. We are making it to the year 2021 and that is truly great. Let’s be thankful and bid good bye to the year 2020.