5 Reasons Why You Should Never Drink Water While Standing

As known for ages, there are innumerable health benefits of water. However, water alone cannot do wonders and the posture while drinking water is equally important for delivering the intended water benefits. But what is the correct posture for drinking water? - This has been a debatable question for quite some time now. Many studies have proved that drinking water while standing could invite many health issues and Ayurveda suggests that it is always good to be seated when drinking water.  Here are some reasons why you should avoid drinking water in standing position:

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  1. It may cause kidney disorders: Kidney’s function is to filter the toxicities from blood and it is also evident from many studies that kidneys perform their function well while sitting. When you drink water while standing, it passes the water to bladder without filtering it properly causing the impurities to stay in the blood. This pressure can gradually cause kidney dysfunction and can lead to major kidney disorders in future. 
  2. Hampers the normal digestion process: When water is drunk while standing, it may gush straight through the stomach walls putting pressure on them and making them weak. This can mess up with the normal digestive process and can even damage the nearby organs causing serious Gastro Esophageal diseases. 
  3. Could be one of the causes for arthritis: It may sound a little weird, but drinking water while standing is found to be one of the causes of arthritis, a joint disease, which has become very common in India. The scientific reason behind this is that drinking water in standing position disturbs the balance of other fluids in the body, especially the fluid that helps in the joint movements. As a result, the joints get swollen and the person suffers from arthritis when the situation worsens.
  4. You may think it’s sufficient, but your body may not: Most of us think that only drinking water is sufficient without considering how much water should we drink? When we stand and drink, it mainly quenches our thirst at that moment keeping our body devoid of daily water requirementsDoctors recommend on how much water to drink in a day and as per them, 8-10 glasses of water daily can be very beneficial for health. And when we sit and drink, the water goes slowly in the stomach, is retained by the body, and its proper absorption and elimination is done to meet the body requirements.
  5. Can cause nerve tension: Besides all others, drinking water while standing can be one of the reasons to cause tension in nerves. When water is being drunk in this position, it activates, what is called, the ‘fight and flight system’ and causes nerve tension. On the contrary, when water is sipped while sitting, the ‘rest and digest system’ comes into action and calms your senses.

Hence, it is not enough to just drink it; all the parameters, like how much water to drink, when to drink and in what position, are crucial to reap the most out of this natural gift of god.