5 Simple foot exercises you can try during the lockdown

The global threat of COVID-19 pandemic and the continuous lockdown throughout the country have transformed our lifestyles manifolds. The need for self-isolation has made us remain indoors to avoid the transmission of the virus. Staying indoors, in turn, has left our daily activities suspended. Yes! The temporary halt to hit the gym or going out for a morning walk has not only taken a toll on our physical health but has also kept our mental and emotional well-being stranded. Working for long hours in front of the system or getting virtually engaged over the devices to keep ourselves entertained has added more to the ill effects of sedentary lifestyle on us. Overall, laziness has become a new invited character during the lockdown season which is going to hit hard when we resume our normal life. 

best exercises for your feet


This insulated lifestyle during the lockdown period has also affected the fitness and flexibility of our legs and feet. While we still try to indulge in some exercises at home, what remains ignored are our lower limbs. However keeping them fit and healthy is very important as it is our feet which bear the weight of our entire body. So, let’s focus on the health of our feet, strengthen them, stay strong and wipe down the boredom by training with these easy exercises. Let’s all be focussed, connected, adaptive, and creative during this crisis!

5 Simple and easy foot exercises you can try at home during the lockdown season:

A few of us might get a chance to head out in the community tracks to keep the feet active, but the rest of us need to keep our solace hanged. In this scenario, let’s motivate ourselves and keep the challenge up by incorporating the below exercises in our daily fitness regimen. 

Foot circles with toes flexed: Sit down on the mat and keep the toes curled gently. Make a slow and controlled clockwise rotation for 10 times and in an anti-clockwise direction for another 10 times. Do 2 or 3 repetitions. Take frequent breaks in between the exercise to avoid foot cramping.

Foot circles with toes flexed


Squats with ankle rotation: Sit in the squat position with or without a stool or a chair and roll the ankles in and out. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Squats with ankle rotation


Roll a ball: Do you need an instant massage for your feet? “Roll a ball” is a perfect exercise to go. Sit on the chair and place a tennis ball, golf ball, or any strong rubber ball under your foot. Apply light pressure and roll it around for two minutes on each foot.

Roll a ball


Calf raises: Elevate your legs either by standing on a stool or the ground till you feel a nice stretch in the calves. Press down the balls of the feet and lift the heel up and then lower the feet down. Practice 3 sets of 12 such repetitions.

Calf raises


Point your toes: This exercise helps to stretch the muscles, improve blood circulation, and relieve pain and aches from your feet. Lift one heel with big toe fixed on the floor. Keep rotating the foot in clock-wise and anti-clockwise direction. Repeat with the other foot as well. 

Point your toes


Safety tips you need to follow before you start exercise:

Do warm-up with slow stretches for 10 minutes before you start the feet exercise or walk around the house for a few minutes and cool down the body with slow stretching.

  • Rest your feet after every exercise 
  • Listen to your body and don’t overdo any exercise
  • Stay hydrated and keep sipping the fluids before, during and after the exercise.
  • Never ignore muscle pain, aches and joint pain. Seek medical advice immediately.

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  • Always maintain a good posture.

Health talk:

Our mobility depends on the health of our ankles and feet to a great extent. It is utmost important to keep the feet healthy, pain-free and relaxed. Never feel that the lockdown has tucked you inside the house. Break the layer of your negative thoughts and try the above exercises at home before your feet cry. In a nutshell, regular exercise or adding short bursts of physical activities every day and close monitoring of our health can bring down the psychological issues, mental stress, and emotional discomfort. At the same time, it will also help to boost immunity, increase blood circulation, nurture the secretion of good hormone “endorphins” and eliminate toxins from our body. This way we can strengthen our body to fight against any infection if we are exposed to. So, cultivate a healthy body and encourage others to remain fit and be positive while spreading COVD-19 awareness!

Stay active, stay fit, and stay healthy always!