5 Wonderful Post Holi Skin Care Tips to Rejuvenate Your Skin

The colourful evening of holi will leave some memories to be cherished forever along with some colors, marks, and pigments you might get worried about. Here are some interesting and easy skin care tips that can help you get rid of post holi patches and have a skin back to normal tone.

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1. Care while bathing to remove colours

Use a gentle body wash. To remove strong colours, use cleansing milk or natural scrubs like curd, sandalwood power, or lemon juice, but remember not to scrub your skin harshly.

2. Use oil to smoothen the skin

Removing the colours makes skin tight and dry. Still, you may find the hard colour patches on some part of your face, neck or body. Put some olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil, massage, and leave it for a few minutes. This helps remove the colour without harming your skin.

3. Cool of your skin with home-made face packs

Aloe vera is a common plant in household these days. Take out the pulp of aloe vera and add a little honey. This pack will cool your skin reducing the burning you suffered with colours and while scrubbing the skin. Honey will make the skin soft and smooth.

4. Stick to a skin care regimen for next one week

Post holi, you need a regular skin care schedule even if the colours have gone completely. Keep pampering your skin with natural things available at home. Apply, banana mask, cucumber and honey mask, sandalwood with olive oil, and any other mask that works well with your skin.

5. Reduce the spring heat with fruits and liquid diet

The rich holi food, the sweets, and the regional delicacies you devoured in Holi needs to be compensated for. Give yourself enough of fresh fruits and fruit juices. Try smoothies, yoghurt, lassi, butter milk, and coconut water. These intakes will reflect in your glowing skin.

Play a Safe and Healthy Holi

With all the above holi skin care tips, you are sure to get back your normal lovely skin in no time. Hope you all enjoyed a happy holi that carries memorable moments of everyone’s life.