6 Ways to stay young & glowing always!

People say that ageing is an irreversible process and come what may, one cannot do much about it. But have you wondered why people the same age as you, are still looking years younger than their age? Read on to know sure shot ways to look and stay young for many years! 

Keep stress at bay & smile as much as possible

Keep stress at bay & smile as much as possible 


Easier said than done, but, if you set your happiness and peace of mind as the highest priority, you will smile, glow, live young and long!

Research evidently shows that smiles & hugs not only release good hormones such as endorphins & dopamine, but they also significantly reduce blood pressure, signs of ageing, stress, mood swings, anger, pain and boosts immunity. 

Have a cup of green tea (with honey) & consume adequate water daily.

green tea with honey


The secret to good looks & glowing skin is not only external but also comes from internal body. Green tea, lemon tea, and herbal tea with honey contain powerful antioxidants which fight ageing or biological oxidation while providing immunity boosting properties to the body. 

It’s a proven fact that drinking a cup of green tea or any herbal tea along with honey keeps you lean, detoxifies your body, and gives a healthy glow to your skin. 

Special note- Minimum 3 litres of water is recommended for adults per day to hydrate the body & keep your skin healthy naturally.  

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Always apply a sun block in daytime & light moisturizer during bedtime.

Sun block skin moisturizers


Mostly we assume that we do not have much of exposure to the sun and a sunblock is not essential to be applied daily. It is only required occasionally when we are out in the sun for a long time. But did you know that even 8-10 minutes of sun exposure while going on terrace, stepping out of home, or travelling in a car can gradually damage your skin? To your surprise, even an exposure to LED bulbs or tube lights for long hours at home or workplace can also darken & damage the skin.

Applying a light layer of sunblock as per your skin tone helps to lower the damages and protects your skin from harmful UV rays & sunburn. 

Likewise, a light moisturizer suiting your skin type is best to use in bedtime, as it provides smooth, supple and glowing skin. 

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Exercise daily for 30 mins & sleep well

Exercise daily for 30 mins & sleep well


Have you heard of the phrase beauty sleep? Yes, it is true! Good sleep has many benefits. It is recommended that 7-8 hours of minimum sleep is ideal for a healthy mind & body. 

Moreover, adequate sleep coupled with a good regime of optimum regular physical activity not only refreshes your mind but also has a very good impact on your looks and body. 

Depending upon the BMI (body mass index) and choice of physical activity, one can select from yoga, jogging, running, skipping, zumba, aerobics, swimming and brisk walking. However, minimum 30 minutes should be devoted daily to achieve best results. 

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Include plenty of fresh fruits in your diet.

Include plenty of fresh fruits in your diet


Fresh fruits provide abundant number of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which helps to detoxify the body, increases skin elasticity, controls wrinkles, diminishes the signs of ageing, boosts immunity, and promotes glowing and healthy skin. 

Additionally, the fiber and water present in fruits help to hydrate body and maintain essential electrolyte balance. Not only this, fruits also help in keeping a check on weight and hair loss. 

Take your supplements daily

Take your supplements daily


In today’s modern life, even if we are consuming the best of food products, still it doesn’t completely ensure the supply of all the necessary essential nutrients needed by the body. The factors could be many, such as adulterants, malabsorption, stress, metabolic disorders and eating habits.

Hence taking a multivitamin loaded with minerals is highly recommended for men & women for overall improved quality of life. Multivitamins not only prevent deficiency diseases but also ensure healthy bones, heart, kidney, uterus, liver, prostrate, skin, intestine, hair, nails and also a good sexual life

Many people are reluctant to take supplements assuming that they have side effects. They are partially correct, because choosing the right supplement is very important. Some supplements may be harmful because your body may not require those vitamins or minerals in high amounts, whereas natural extract-based supplements (plant, vegetable, fruit based) are highly beneficial and have no side effects when taken daily in the right amount. Instead, they provide energy, lustre, and vitality and compensate for all the faulty eating habits and make you look fresh and young. 

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At last, age is just a number and your maintained and healthy look can deceive this number. Surrounding oneself with all the above good things will definitely bring a natural glow & keep one young for many years!