7 Mantras to keep fit & lose weight during festivals

Indian festivals are all about illuminance, tasty food, happiness and togetherness. However, having mentioned that, we often ignore our health a lot amidst festivities. We put on weight because we can’t help but gorge on delicious savories served to us along with erratic sleeping patterns. In this article, we highlight some easy fixes and tell you how you can remain fit and, in fact, lose weight while enjoying the festive season

1) Wake up early in the morning:

Wake Up early morning


There’s a phrase If you win the morning, you win rest of the day”. It is a common practice that whenever we get festive holidays, we tend to oversleep, thinking that resting is the best way to enjoy festive holidays. But very little we realize that we pile on at least 2-3 kgs during this time. 

Researchers claim that waking up between 5:30 AM – 7 AM helps you to reduce and keep a check on your weight remarkably, along with enjoying the day with your family members to the fullest. 

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Early morning walking regime is one of the best habits one can cultivate. It helps us oxygenate our blood, reduce stress levels miraculously, give more glow to our skin and promote overall good health. 

People who are late risers often miss out this precious time of the day, morning view of the nature as well as invite significant health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and hormonal changes. Point to be noted is that, the most important meal of the day, breakfast, should not be missed. Check out some healthy breakfast options below.

2) Don’t skip breakfast & meals:

Dont Skip breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives energy throughout the day, especially for people who want to lose weight. There is a misconception that skipping meals will help them to lose weight and the easiest meal to skip is always breakfast. 

Did you know, if we skip breakfast, we will put on weight? This is because we tend to eat more in lunch and unnecessarily add extra calories which make it even more difficult to lose weight. The morning meal, often referred as breakfast, means “break the fast” and is the most important because it is like fuel to our body. Imagine a vehicle (our body) running on an empty fuel tank, because you skip to stock up your body fuel. You will attract irritability, intestinal disorders hunger pangs and fatigue. Hence power your vehicle with right foods.

Completely avoid foods like-paratha, puri, pao-bhaji, bonda & vada, khasta, kachori and jalebi. Instead, consider regular homemade breakfast options like boiled egg, omelet, sprouts, idli sambhar, upma, oats, porridge, steamed dosa, poha, smoothie with seeds and nuts, fruits and milk.

Explore various breakfast and meal suggestions carefully curated to benefit specific body organs. Check out liver friendly recipes, kidney friendly recipes, uterus friendly recipes, heart friendly recipes, & skin friendly recipes for more focused food therapies. 

3) Exercise / Yoga: 

Early morning


We all know the benefits of exercises and yoga; however, we fail to practice them daily due to multiple reasons and easy excuses. This time could be one of the best times to jointly start any regime with your family members which can be followed for the rest of the months individually. People often think that morning is the best time for exercises and yoga, and yes, it’s true, but one can choose timings like mid-morning 10 AM – 11 AM or evening 6 PM – 7 PM also to energize the body while getting family time too. Activities like terrace walking, chatting and walking, and free hand movements of all body parts are encouraged for all, as doing so can promote immense flexibility of the body. 

Here is a link of some best yoga poses for beginners which can help you achieve your goal.


4) Drink more water & fluids throughout the day:

Drink more water & fluids throughout the day


Yes, it’s true! Drinking more water helps us to lose weight because every cell, tissue and organ of our body requires water to work properly. It helps to boost our metabolisms, stops unnecessary retention of water, detox and hydrates the body. 

Drinking water also helps your body to break down the food and absorb its nutrients. When you drink a glass of water, especially at least 30 mins before each meal, then there is a possibility that you will not binge and eat less which will automatically help in reducing weight. Some have the habit to forget drinking water. To ditch this habit, one can set alarms for every 1-2 hour and drink at least 100-150 ml water in one go. 

One can include low calorie clear soups, green tea, and fresh juices to this water brigade. However, flavored canned juices, milkshakes and beverages like tea and coffee are to be taken in permissible amounts only.  One can also choose to consume detox water to cleanse the entire system. Detox water can be prepared with any combination of 2-3 ingredients such as cucumber, mint, holy basil leaves, coriander leaves and lemon.

Recommended water/fluid intake per day for different age groups are

2-2.5 liters for teenagers, 2.5-3.5 liter for adults (Age 25-50 years), 2-3 liters for elders (Age 50-70), and not more than 2 liters for older (Age 80 and above)

In case you are undergoing any treatment or are on specific medications, check with your doctor the suitable water intake for you.  

5) Snack more on mixed nuts and seeds: Bunk sweets and chocolates

Snack more on mixed nuts and seeds


Your loved ones and relatives may offer you sweets and savories whenever you meet them. Just duck the sweets completely and pick the nuts up. Nuts are natural “superfoods” which replenish your body with essential fats and vitamins. Nuts also have healthy amounts of protein, unsaturated fat, especially omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and dietary fibers which are also known for their amazing appetite-controlling power. Eating nuts for longer period helps to lose more weight compared to eating more of carbohydrate-based foods. Research is suggestive that people who eat nuts daily have less risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart related disorders.

6) Get an extensive health check-up done: 

Get An Extensive health checkup done


Get a thorough full body checkup done to prevent unwanted ailments. Especially, go for heart, kidney, uterus, prostrate, bones and liver related tests. Conditions like thyroid, PCOD, and diabetes make weight loss slightly difficult than normal conditions. Utilize the holidays in rejuvenating, discovering, and planning how to successfully achieve your weight goals in a span of 3 – 6 months. 

Sometimes, this is the “perfect time” to evaluate both mental and physical well-being. Most doctors may not be available on the festival day, hence prior to major festivals, at least get an online consultation done & stock up medications. Order medicines from the comfort of your home. 

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7) Sleep early in the night:

Sleep early in the night


Sleep plays a vital role in your lifecycle. Getting enough quality sleep at the right time can help to protect your mental health and physical health. During festivities, do not compromise on quality sleep. Binging on alcohol and sipping extra water or beverages at night can disrupt your sleep cycle aggravating certain health conditions.  Most importantly, have dinner compulsorily 2 hours before hitting the bed. Research is suggestive that doing so has helped up to 2-3 kgs of effective weight loss.

Last but not the least, enjoy the festive season like never before! Light on weight, high on spirits!!!

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