Abdominal CT scan Purpose, process, and preparation

As medical scientists have made some breakthrough discoveries over the years, evaluation and treatment of serious diseases and illness have become much easier. While x-rays and ultra- sonography are still used to peep inside the body and view the internal organs, the entry of CT scans has made the process of diagnosis even more accurate by providing detailed imaging of the respective body part. It provides more intricate picture of internal organs making it easy for the doctors to examine the specified sick tissues and organs and treat accordingly. Today, we’ll study the details of an abdominal CT scan: what it is and how it works?

What is Abdominal CT Scan?

First, let us understand what a CT scan is. CAT scan or CT scan, as it is widely referred to, is the abbreviated term for computed tomography. This type of scan provides the fragmental image of a definite area of our body. An abdominal CT Scan as the name suggests, is a specialised X-Ray that gives the doctor a detailed image of what the organs, blood vessels and tissues inside the upper and lower abdomen looks like. The picture taken from different angles in an abdominal CT Scan provides the doctor with an image of any abnormality inside the abdomen. This is an entire painless procedure, just assisting in a better medical approach.

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When does a doctor suggest Abdominal CT Scan?

It is you who should listen to your body warnings and approach a doctor as and when needed. A person may have pain in different areas of the abdomen, back pain, abdominal bloating or loss of appetite. There might be various reasons and you need not visit a doctor at once. However, if the pain is unbearable or lasts for more than 2-3 days, it is advised that you seek the help of a doctor. If the doctor suspects anything as kidney stones, appendicitis, cancer or STIs; he or she may suggest an abdominal CT scan.

The process of Abdominal CT Scan?

An abdominal CT scan is a completely painless medical procedure. The patient is made to lie down on a table that moves into the centre of the CT scanner through a remote. Once the machine is switched on, X-Ray beams keep rotating around the patient’s body from various angles. Images of internal abdomen appear on a computer screen in the form of slides. It is advised to be still while inside the scanner machine to avoid blurred images. If done properly, the test takes even less than half an hour.

How to prepare yourself for an Abdominal CT Scan?

As simple as the test is, some very basic precautions and necessary preparations are required for uninterrupted test. 

To prepare for the test, the patient may need to intake a large glass of oral contrast. At times, the doctor might also want to introduce the contrast in your body through drip depending on the type of scan to be done. The contrast dye is usually a liquid composed of barium or gastrografin. These chemicals help doctors in getting a better image of your abdomen.  

The following precautions are necessary:

  • Be careful not to wear any jewellery or metals in your body.  
  • Do inform the doctor if you have any metal implants inside your body.  
  • A pregnant lady should take extra care to inform the doctor as the rays are harmful for the baby. 
  • If you are diabetic, let your doctor know. 
  • Tell your doctor if you are barium or iodine allergic. 

These chemical dyes, however, are not harmful. They pass out of your body in the form of bowels. 

Abdominal CT Scan does not pose any risk to human health. It is safe and easy.

If your body signals any abnormal abdomen behaviour, book gastroenterologist appointment asap. Your abdomen is a nest to many vital organs. Get treated.