Age-related eye problems: Identify the symptoms and seek care

The best way to keep vision problems at bay is to go for an eye check-up once in a year. It will identify any impending problem so that you can seek medical care on time and preserve your precious eyesight. However, with aging, you should also be vigilant for a few symptoms that might point towards age-related eye problems. Unfortunately, the growing age increases your risk for certain types of sight-threatening eye conditions.

Below is a list of symptoms, you must watch for and meet your ophthalmologist if they occur. They are more prone to aging people.

Spots and floaters in your field of vision: A sudden onset of spots and floaters in your vision should never be ignored. It will not only trouble you in having a good vision but can increase severely towards complete vision loss. It is mostly caused due to vitreous detachment in which gel-like interior of the eye separates from the retina. It can also be due to tear of the retina.

Darkness in the borderline of your vision: When the retina gets detached from the nourishing blood vessels underneath, this condition happens. You might find a black curtain covering the exterior or outer borderline of your vision, making you see the things only in the center of your vision. If not addressed immediately, it can lead to permanent vision loss.

Double vision: You might see two images of the same thing. Though it’s an eye condition, it can also be the symptom of a stroke. If anyone feels a double vision, he/she should immediately visit a doctor in an emergency condition.

Blurry vision: Elderly people above the age of 60 are more prone to developing a macular hole in the retina where image focuses are done. The result is a hazy or blurry eyesight which is very much troubling to experience. If left untreated, this condition might get worsened with irreparable damages. 

Diminished central vision: It happens due to macular degeneration in which even a straight line might appear wavy. It is one of the leading causes of vision loss among the elderly people. With the right medical treatment, this macular degeneration can be halted. 

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Cloudy eyesight: In this condition, one might find halos around the light at night and loss of bright colour vision. the major cause behind this is cataract which has a tendency to get worse with passing time. With clouding of the eye lenses, your vision will continue to deteriorate unless you choose to go for cataract surgery. 

Irritation and itching sensation: You might feel like itching your eyes which will pain and irritate significantly. It happens due to dry eye syndrome which mostly happens due to aging. It does not pose any threat to your vision, but can be very troubling. See your doctor who might suggest some treatment for the condition.     

It is always better to prevent age-related eye problems than to wait for the symptoms to develop. With aging, the symptoms tend to deteriorate in a more progressive way. So, seek medical care on time and make your old age bright and good in sight.

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