Alexander Graham Bell Inventor of telephone A Great Aid to Healthcare

Through telephone, sitting in India you can hear someone speaking in America! On the other hand, about one and a half centuries ago, the entire concept of talking to a person through a device was unimaginable. And now we cannot even imagine our lives without a telephone. It has become as important as food, clothing and shelter. The thought that something like telephone can be invented is itself a great discovery.

Inventor of Telephone | Online Healthcare & Wellness Tips 

The credit to introduce this miraculous piece into our lives goes to Alexander Graham Bell. Same as his family members, this Scottish scientist also started his initial years with working on elocution and speech. His deaf mother and wife profoundly influenced his work in the field of hearing and speech. With numerous experiments and extensive researches, he eventually succeeded in inventing the first working telephone on 10th March, 1876 which used liquid transmitter. Soon, he upgraded it to electromagnetic transmitter. In a short time, this invention gained international attention and Bell created his own telephone company in 1877. And since then, there was no looking back.

How Phone is Contributing to Healthcare?

From wired to wireless, from within country to inter-continental calls, from mere call facility to SMS facility to whatsapp facility; telephone technology has shown improvements with each passing day. Its multifaceted utility needs no introduction. Apart from its numerous uses, it has made extremely easy for us to take care of our health. We can take prior appointments to see any distant doctor and avoid wastage of time and energy while waiting in long queue. We can also call them if there is any emergency. After consultation, follow-ups can be done through telephone. With internet facility in telephone, we can also send and receive reports. With the help of reminders, telephone can help us take medicines on time.

Telemedicine is an upcoming field which is gaining popularity each year. People sitting at their home get to connect to doctors over phone through audio or video chat and the fee payment is done online to the doctor’s account, making it extremely convenient for both patient and doctors.

Growing technology and science has gifted our lives with so many inventions, but only a few get to set a revolution. Telephone is one such revolutionary invention making us believe a thought can change entire life. Thanks to Graham Bell for his priceless invention of telephone!