All About Depression During pregnancy and Its Prevention

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. A pregnant woman is about to give birth to a new life and so these 9 months should be the happiest moments of her life. But is that what we really see? According to ACOG (The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists), approximately 14-23% of pregnant women undergo depression at some or the other point of their pregnancy. In this blog, we have tried to focus on how to fight depression, whatever phase of pregnancy you are in

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Early pregnancy period, right after conception 

In the initial phase, the major reasons of depression could be either an unplanned pregnancy or may be first time having an entirely new experience. In either case, you need to keep yourself informed to identify the symptoms so that the news does not come as a jerk to you putting you in depression. Look for some early signs of pregnancy. Some of the early pregnancy symptoms include delayed period, slight bleeding, tender breasts, back ache, extreme tiredness and so on. If you are not very much aware about the pregnancy signs and symptoms, you can confirm it through a pregnancy test at home; you can even take an online pregnancy test too! To be 100% assured, you can see a doctor who can confirm the pregnancy after performing some urine tests, blood tests and sonograms. Once it is confirmed, you can discuss how you feel about it with your partner or anyone that you find very close or you can even seek counsellor’s assistance if you like. Clarify your doubts and queries instead of getting depressed and embrace this beautiful gift of nature. 

During the pregnancy period

So, you are now ready to be a mom! Naturally, you would be having so many things to worry about apart from morning sickness! There will be too many doubts ready to burst your head like whether you will be able to handle it well till the final day, everything will be fine or not, how will you manage it all, will you be able to gain back your perfect figure ever…and so on. Some women are very optimistic, but most of them are so much caught by their thoughts that they suffer depression. Depression is definitely not a solution to any of your problems, instead you need to practice all those things that your doctor has recommended and avoid every other thing which is a strict no in this phase. Combat your depression with the pregnancy diet, regular exercise and positive thinking.          

Post Pregnancy

Congratulations new mommy! Why do you seem sad? Are you undergoing postpartum depression?? Yes ladies, many women face this kind of depression after the child is born. Postpartum depression should not be confused with the baby blues. The latter lasts for a few weeks while the former could last for few months and in more severe cases it could be an emergency. This kind of depression is mostly caused due to changes in the hormonal levels after pregnancy. Feeling of hopelessness, sadness, emptiness, loss of interest in routine activities, loss of appetite, poor concentration and insomnia may be remarkable symptoms of postpartum depression. In some cases, it may be treated with counselling sessions while in severe cases, medications and psychotherapies are the only way out.

Pregnancy is beautiful and it is the duty of the family to give all sorts of comfort to the woman who is bearing a child in her womb. If at any stage a pregnant woman exhibits an unusual behaviour, perform a depression test and get her timely help.

Make her feel the happiest during these nine months and ever after!