Are you prepared for post-lockdown period?

As general public, confined within our homes, glued to the TV or social media to get latest updates on Coronavirus status in India, we might not get access to the reality of the actual scenario outside our homes. We consume limited information that defines our thought process and action both. This is one of the reasons that alter our sense of prioritizing things. Though, we must agree that we have prioritized the lockdown very well with most of us following the lockdown rules religiously.

But, did you know?

It’s not only the lockdown weeks, but our actions post lockdown period which will decide the future of COVID-19 in India. Yes, Post-lockdown phase is even more vital, decisive, and a determinant…..

While, one cannot predict the incidents, fortunately, human behavior can be quite predictive. So, here are a few possible scenes and scenarios, we might witness at the end of lockdown.

  • Like what we observed at the time of Janta Curfew, we might find people coming out of homes in groups assembling in the streets waving the national flag, singing patriotic songs, and showing their love towards the nation, oblivion of the fact that we have just broke the chain of transmission and eradication of the virus still needs to be done.

  • Educated and privileged class of the society, who missed their lifestyle, might visit their favorite restaurants, food joints, theaters, and malls ignoring the possibility of virus still surviving outside.

  • The religious community of the society will immediately rush to the temples, churches, masjids, or places of their faith thanking God for the culmination of home-bound living. They might not realize that the fight against COVID-19 is still not over and the cure or vaccine is still to be developed. More needs to be done.

  • Corporate offices, small, or large businesses might start off their operations engaging employees for extra hours to cover up the lost working days. This might be a knock to further contamination by virus at large.

  • Daily wage workers, household supports, maids, cooks, laundry, salonetc will throng to resume their work coming from different locations. A matrix of travel and transport will connect all the disconnected dots of the community. Who knows, even one of them who is not tested carries the pathogen and enters the network! In such scenarios, a cold wave can wreck havoctaking the toll and unexpected rise in numbers.

  • Transport system of India including railways, buses, local trains, autos, cabs, rented vehicles etc will witness a massive jump in the number of travelers. This will expose lakhs of people to unlimited possibilities of contracting the infection once again.

  • Young people might resume their normal outdoor schedule believing that they are safe, but the latest updates share some gloomy facts. Now, even kids, infants and youth are also getting infected in huge numbers. Their identification is even more difficult as they are asymptomatic carrier of the virus with no or rare symptoms, spreading the virus easily and unknowingly.

How does this affect you?

As per the experts, if above scenarios really surface and persist, then the SECOND WAVE of PANDEMIC in India is inevitable. Till now, India has been showing a good control over the spread of Covid-19 and average rate of positive cases is much better when compared to other countries globally.

There are many who don’t understand virus, pandemic, ways of transmission, prevention modes, and repercussions of a poorly followed preventive guideline. It is the responsibility of the educated segment of the society to generate some awareness and prevent more hazardous consequences of post-lockdown negligence. All the efforts and achievements of social distancing for these many days would be nullified if you don’t plan to go by the safety rules in the post lockdown days.

Though, it is expected that the government would plan for a staggered lockdown release, we should also have some personal preventive plans in place.

Here is the course of action you should follow after the lockdown release.

  • Please follow the quarantine rules as much as possible. Do not break free to go partying, shopping, eating out, or ordering food online. Remember, it is not the end of the virus. It is just the break of transmission.

  • Spread awareness among people about the advantages of personal hygiene and self-imposed quarantine even when the lockdown ends. There are people who do not have access to all the information, talk to them, and guide them.

  • Educate your maids and household support members. If possible, do not retain them back for a few more days or weeks, based on the prevailing situation.

  • For essential outdoor visits, use your own transport and never forget to protect yourself with the mask and sanitizers.

  • Don’t use public transport, even if provided. Try to avoid as much as possible.

  • Be sensitive and watchful with elders and kids as you had been for the last few weeks.

  • Follow the instructions suggested by government and health authorities.

For essential items like medicines and personal care products, you can order them online and get delivered at doorstep. For some health issues, prefer online consultation with a doctor and stay safe at home.

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Every single action from every single person makes a difference. Understand your role during this COVID-19 crisis and contribute from your end by being at home.

Stay home! Stay safe! Save lives!