This is how you weaken your immunity: Never do these mistakes

The overpouring COVID-19 news is keeping us on toes to avoid mistakes and be safe. We all know, good lifestyle interventions can increase the body’s resistance to virus infection. While we are in the fight against this deadly disease, we can say goodbye to many other infections and diseases by keeping the immune system strong and healthy. Apart from including fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds in the diet, the other best-promising solution to strengthen the immune system is to have “health supplements”. At the same time, we must also identify the factors and everyday practices which lower the immunity and put us at risk. Are you eager to know what those mistakes are? If yes, here are a few personal habits that can sabotage your immunity. Hence refraining from these practices is paramount at this juncture. Let’s have a look and find out what those habits are: 

Top 6 mistakes that strain your immune system: 

1. Messing up too much – A way to get stressed:  

Messing up too much – A way to get stressed


Are you feeling depressed and lonely? You are not alone in the loop. The impact of chronic stress on the body can cause too much wear and tear, which can ravage your immune system. Well! The way you react to the stressful issues can speed up and destroy your body’s immune system too quickly. Also, it makes you more susceptible to infections. This is because when you are stressed out, the body releases cortisol and adrenaline hormones, which can lower the white blood cells namely phagocytes and lymphocytes.  The lesser amount of these white blood cells lowers your capacity to fight infection and diseases. 

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2. Not drinking enough water: You are depriving your body 

Not drinking enough water: You are depriving your body


Water plays a major role in keeping the body hydrated. Also, drinking enough water helps to flush the toxins out of the system. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day based on your body weight to limit the infection risk. Also, the crucial role of water in the body is to carry the nutrients and minerals to other organs. Water helps in regulating the body temperature as well.   

3. Consuming too much processed food - A disturbing trend:

Consuming too much processed food - A disturbing trend


The intake of a diet rich in carbs, sugar, and salt can make your immune system sluggish to do its function. Yes! The gut plays a major role in boosting the immune system. Regular ingestion of highly processed foods can harm the gut bacteria and suppress the immune system.  

4. Reduced quality of sleep - Lowers the quality of life:

Reduced quality of sleep - Lowers the quality of life


Getting six to eight hours of sleep is mandatory. A good amount of sleep can increase the production of cytokines, which helps the body to fight infection and restore immune function. But, lack of sleep makes fewer cytokines and hence weakens the immune system. 

5. Smoking and binge drinking - Aggravates diseases:

Smoking and binge drinking - Aggravates diseases


Regular drinking disturbs gut microbes! It strips the good bacteria away from the digestive system, hence increases the risk of developing inflammation throughout the body. 

Also, smoking has a devastating effect on the immune system. It can lessen the lung capacity and destroys the healthy cells that line the respiratory tracts. Moreover, smoking produces excessive mucus, which narrows down the airways, making it harder for the body to eliminate toxins out of the system. 

6. Sedentary lifestyle - A major factor for global mortality:  

Sedentary lifestyle


Living a sedentary lifestyle can weaken your immune system and lead to inflammation and chronic diseases. At the same time, too much strenuous activity can take a toll on health and make you vulnerable to infection. 

Try adding moderate to normal physical activity in your daily routine to boost the natural killer cells and help the body fight off infections and diseases.  

During the pandemic waves, keeping the immune system strong and healthy is one of the most challenging tasks you need to look on to. Following hygienic guidelines strictly, adhering to the doctor’s advice and ingesting immunity-boosting foods and supplements are crucial. Along with them, avoiding the above common habits to preserve our immune system is also equally important. So, watch out your activities and habits that put on your immunity at risk.

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To build strong immunity, let’s break the listed habits and avoid long-term negative consequences on our health and immune system! 

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