Be aware! Alcohol with these food items can pose health risks

Nowadays alcohol has become a very common beverage among youth and elders. With modernity and westernization blending well in our lifestyle, alcohol finds its place in our day-to-day life. Parties, corporate events, picnics, and many of our personal celebrations go incomplete without it.

While you enjoy your drinks, it is hard to leave mouthwatering snacks. But there are many food items that can cause a lot of side effects or health issuesif taken along with alcohol.

Consumption of alcohol can make you feel relaxed, active, happy, and stress-free for some time, but on the other hand, excessive consumption of alcohol, and that too in combination with below-mentioned food items can pose severe health risks.

1. Caffeine - Caffeine is not a good additive when combinedwith alcohol. According to experts, the combination of caffeine and alcohol can bea bad choice because they both work as diuretics, which makes you urinate moreand as a result your body gets dehydrated.On the other hand, caffeine activates the central nervous system that makes you more active andyour desire to drink increases than usual. In general, excessive consumption of alcohol can damage vital organs of the body.



2. Dairy products - Alcohol triggers the brain signals which increasesan individual’s appetite and desire to eat. It encourages them to opt for unhealthy, salty and spicy snacks. Alcohol also raises the level of acid in the stomach which leads to gastric problems or gastro-esophageal reflux disease. During this condition, people should avoid milk-made products such as paneer, cheese, and other fatty dairy food products.Taking dairy products with alcohol also slows down the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstreamwhich increases your urge to drink more and more without realizing its effect.

Dairy products


3. Pizza and burgers - Pizza and burgers are made with refined carbohydrates, saturated fat, extra cheese, and salt which make them highly unhealthy especially in combination with alcohol, as they can increase the risk of temporary hyperglycemia and blood pressure even if the individual is non-diabetic or non-hypertensive.

Pizza and Burgers

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4. Processed mixture - This particular snack might seem difficult to give up, but this is one of the main reasons that dehydrate the body after drinking alcohol. When we consume foods with high salt or sodium content, our body pulls out excess water from cells which leads to dehydration.

Processed mixture


5. Chicken wings - Chicken wings are generally deep-fried with a coated layer of hot chili sauce which makes it a bad choice while boozing. Alcohol with this type of spicy food disturbs the functions of the digestive system and activates pain receptors which can make the problem even worse.

Chicken wings


6. French fries and spicy snacks - Numerous discomforts have been reported by people consuming greasy foods with alcohol such as French fries, cheesy nachos, chips, fried chicken, fish, etc. Having these types of greasy and acidic foods while consuming alcohol can disturb gastrointestinal functions leading to severe digestive issues, liver diseases, and obesity.

French fries and spicy snacks


7. Sweets and candies - Consuming sugary foods withalcohol may not be a good option because just like salty foods, sugary foods also increase the desire to drink more alcohol, ultimately leading to severe health risks and intoxication.

Sweets and candies


8. Sweet corn or popcorn - Sweet corns and popcorns are a popular combination with alcohol but they are also high sodium foods and drinking alcohol with extra salty food items such as sweet corn, popcorn, chips, salted nuts, etc. can lead to severe thirst, dehydration, kidney-related issues, edema, bloating, and a temporary rise in blood pressure.

Sweet corn or popcorn


Dietary tip for consuming alcohol

Most common practice while drinking alcohol is to eat salty, spicy, and oily foods just to satisfy our taste buds and hunger, without realizingitslong-term negative effects on our health.It is advised to eat something healthyat least one hour before you start boozing like eggs, oats, banana, beetroot, low-fat greek yogurt smoothies, almond butter sandwich, quinoa, rice,a full meal, or water-rich foods to avoid dehydration anddigestive issues. When you start drinking alcohol on an empty stomach it triggerssome serious health conditions including acid reflux, heartburn, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and severe headache due to its toxic effects. Also, while having drinks, you should snack on salad, sprouts, whole grain biscuits, unsalted and non-fried nuts.