Changing The Shape of Healthcare in India, The emerging trends

The healthcare system in India is at a stage of transformation. The superior technological capabilities, finest physicians and nurses, pharmaceutical companies producing drugs locally, rich infrastructure, active participation of government and financial bodies, and more aware people aspiring to seek better care are propelling Indian healthcare system to the next level. India has got all the resources and the only driving force for this sector could be the efficient deployment of these resources which is already taking shape now.

The future of healthcare in India seems to be positively impacted by the participation of the private sector and their contribution can be as much as 80% in the development of the healthcare industry in India. They are taking interest in tier-I, tier-II, and tier-III cities investing a good amount of money which will lead to localized and affordable healthcare even in small towns. Big cities will not be the only center of advanced medical care in the future. There are financial institutions coming with specialized finance options for people interested in investing in this sector. These factors will give a boom to the industry creating a healthier face of future India.

Technology at the core of Healthcare in India

There has been significant technological advancement in recent past which will continue to enhance the standards of healthcare in India catering to prevention and cure of a number of diseases. The miniaturization of medical devices and the innovative wearable wellness devices will make their way through the entire sector designing a new blueprint of the Indian healthcare system which will be based on the new model of “Intervention” rather than “episodic disease management”. In the coming days, the data based on these devices will encourage people to take care of themselves much before any serious illness is discovered and the “preventive care” may gradually lead to decreased instances of “sick care.”

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Predictive Analysis based on real-time data will aid doctors to deliver better care and anticipate the success of a given treatment plan. They would be able to design the pathway of treatment, analyzing the patient’s previous data, genetic information, family history, and previous treatment results. The likelihood of accurate diagnosis and successful treatment will be on the higher margin in the future increasing the overall efficiency of the sector.

Not only this, the algorithms derived from the data and analytics will help predict the complications of the future generation and take preventive measures to handle them. Doctors would be able to predict the health patterns, the likelihood of hereditary diseases, the possibility of treatment success, and the ways to make treatment more effective.

Healthcare Ecosystem Boosting Personalized Care

The development of the healthcare ecosystem will lead to enhanced communication among various healthcare entities like doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and patients. The sharing of information, data, and reports will help in quick and accurate delivery of services. This will also lead to personalized care with a better patient-doctor relationship where the patient would be completely aware of his or her health status and would seek timely care with doctor’s personalized guidance.

The exchange of data among these entities and the digital medical records of patients would make the entire system more efficient. Electronic health records will help doctors to take decision faster as they would be able to access these records anytime anywhere without juggling through the piles of paper notes. They would be prepared to diagnose a patient with beforehand digital information saving his time and increasing his efficiency. With access to patient’s digital data, a doctor will also be able to predict an impending sickness and his timely intervention will prevent the sickness. Also, these EHRs will help give accurate information and there would not be cases of lost prescriptions or reports which were earlier managed manually. It will also facilitate remote monitoring of patients and Online Doctor Consultations delimiting the reach of quality care for everyone.

Medical tourism—Establishing India Globally

India is one of the most preferred locations for medical tourism in Asia while attracting people from various other parts of the world as well. The future will continue to establish India among the top destinations across the world where better care would be delivered more affordable. The low cost of treatment, quality healthcare infrastructure, and the availability of highly skilled medical professionals are the main reasons why people choose India to come for various medical care needs. There are many hospitals upgrading their infrastructure to get listed among the top hospitals for medical tourism. The hospitality industry and the financial institutions are also offering their services which are boosting this sector making it a potentially rich element of the healthcare system in India.

With all the factors falling in the favor of developing healthcare system, we look forward to a healthier view of India in the coming years.