Covid-19 vaccines: A ray of hope in global crisis

The past one year has witnessed extreme conditions of human life across the globe. Economies and the lives of people have gone through tremendous fear and uncertainty. In this gloomy scenario, the arrival of a vaccine against Covid-19 has turned out to be a ray of hope for millions waiting to resume their life and livelihood.

The threat to life has been so profound that people are speculating a lot about the vaccine, its use, benefits, side effects and other aspects. However, the authorized vaccines from government organizations ensure that human lives are safe with the use of these vaccines and they are meant to provide us protection against the infection.

FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccines:

Here are a few important queries answered and a few facts about COVID-19 vaccines:

There are loads of doubts and information surrounding us related to COVID-19 vaccines, hence gaining and understanding the right information is crucial.

1. Can COVID-19 vaccines make me sick with COVID-19 virus?


None of the vaccines already developed or in the development stage contain a live virus that causes COVID-19 infection. Hence, vaccination doesn’t make you sick. It takes four weeks to develop immunity right after the vaccination.

2. After vaccination, will I test positive for COVID-19?


Neither the developed vaccines nor the vaccines under the current clinical trials can make you test positive for viral infections.

3. I have recovered from COVID1-9 infection. Do I need to take COVID-19 vaccination?


Due to severe health risk imposed by COVID-19 virus and the possibility of re-infection, it is necessary to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.  We don’t have enough data on how well the vaccine works in improving the immunity, still getting the COVID-19 vaccine might keep you away from getting ill or from other serious complications.

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4. Will the developed COVID-19 vaccine protect me from getting sick with a COVID-19 infection?


The immune system will get stronger helping you to fight against the virus and protecting you from getting sick with COVID-19.

5. Does the vaccination alter the DNA?


COVID-19 mRNA vaccine doesn’t alter or interact with the DNA in any way. Instead, it helps to build immunity to the disease. mRNA vaccine enables our cells to make the protein, thereby helping the immune system to recognize and generate an immune response against the antigen.

Benefits of getting COVID-19 vaccine:

Benefits of getting COVID-19 vaccine


Here are a few benefits of getting vaccinated based on the reports from WHO and CDC that are currently available. It includes:

  • According to the current data, COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in preventing COVID-19 infection.
  • It protects you if you are at an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 infection.
  • COVID-19 vaccination is a safer way to build protection as it creates an antibody response without experiencing the sickness

Continue taking precautions as put forth by the health department and stay informed to protect yourself and the communities.

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Vaccines help save millions of lives around the globe. Taking the vaccines prepares the body’s immune system to recognize and fight either the virus or the bacteria immediately and destroys the pathogens, thus prevents the illness.  Since we are amidst a pandemic, it is vital to take the vaccination as per the action proposed by the Government to suppress transmission, induce an immune response, and to reduce mortality. Though we are still at a learning stage on how strong the vaccines could be in protecting us, it is necessary to take the vaccine to encounter Coronavirus.