COVID Essentials: A Handy list for your home

The world is locked with COVID fear and numerous people are getting affected with the Novel Coronavirus day-by-day. Individuals suffering from this infection show mild to severe respiratory symptoms and the most challenging situation arrives when it affects the vital organs of the human body. During this unparalleled time, stepping out to buy essentials, be it groceries or medicines, is not safe unless absolutely necessary. 

As per the Government’s recommendations, restricting social movement and staying home is the best thing to practice to reduce the spread of the virus. It’s good idea to have the basic essential supplies in hand. However, we must admit that the basic essentials during this Coronavirus age is redefined these days which include a lot of preventive and safety supplies.  Do you want to know what medical essentials to stock-up during the pandemic crisis? Here we are providing that handy list to be referred every time you shop. Make sure to keep some stock of below-mentioned COVID essentials and PPEs at your home. There are various online services available to rescue people and help citizens access medical and other preventive essentials without stepping out of the home.  Here is what you need to prepare with, in advance to avoid any panic shopping.

Must to have COVID-safety things at home:

Here, we have compiled a few COVID medical supplies and safety products to help individuals fight against the virus. Be prepared and get the essentials ready at your home.

Face mask: 

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Face mask is one of the crucial things to pile-up at home while battling against COVID-19. Since COVID-19 is on the rise, it is mandatory to wear a face mask while out in public to avoid the spread of the virus among individuals interacting in close proximity. Apart from this, social distancing, and hand washing is the key to break the virus transmission chain. 

Respiratory mask:

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Respiratory mask like N95 helps to shield individuals from getting exposed to droplets containing the Coronavirus and prevents air-borne transmission. The masks are designed in a way to form a seal around the mouth and nose which provides complete respiratory protection from COVID-19 infection. Also, if you are sensitive and allergic to PVC, silicone, or latex, then choosing N95 should be your first choice. 

Medical gloves:

Medical Gloves


Medical gloves are used to prevent the spread of infection and illness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The regular use of gloves is widely recommended to the public and people in most occupations as preventive measures in the context of COVID-19. 

Pulse oximeter:

Pulse oximeter


Individuals who are affected with COVID-19 show reduced oxygen level, hence to monitor the percentage of oxygen levels in the blood and pulse, a small everyday medical device called a pulse oximeter is used. This tool helps in the early detection of COVID pneumonia. The normal blood saturation for healthy humans is around 95 to 100 percent. But, if the levels fall below 95 percent, then it indicates that the person is suffering from a lung problem. 

Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer


The best way to avoid the spread of COVID-19 infection is all through your hands. If hand-washing through regular soap and water is not available, then use 60 to 90% alcohol-based hand rubs to eliminate the risk of infection. Also, if your hands are dirty or slimy, then use soap and water to clean your hands instead of a hand sanitizer. 

Digital thermometer:

Digital thermometer


Fever is one among the COVID-19 symptoms, hence having a digital thermometer at home helps to triage and identify individuals who have elevated temperature. 

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PPEs and its importance in healthcare:

Personal protective equipment or PPEs are used by the healthcare workers, infected people, and others in general to get protected from the virus and other infectious materials and prevent the spread of pathogens. PPEs include surgical masks, N95 respirators, disposable medical gloves, goggles, face-shields, and gowns. PPEs act as a barrier between the user and the infectious agents and protect the spread of the diseases. They are mostly of single-use, so use them, remove them, and discard them correctly to avoid the transmission of infectious germs. Also, practice good hand hygiene after all PPE is removed. 

Combating COVID-19 stress may be ironic, hence paying attention to the preventive measures is too crucial. Stocking up with the above essentials can give you a sigh of relief instead of thinking about insecurities and fears which would only trigger panic attacks. Though the situation is like a roller coaster, don’t go for a hoard shopping, as essentials may be important for someone who is under severe distress.

Pick up the COVID essentials, protect the health of your family, and stay safe!