Myths & Facts

Myth - Weight gain along with irregular periods indicate PCOS.

Fact - Yes, unexplained weight gain along with irregular menstruation, acne and facial hair are key signs of PCOS & PCOD, however it must be clinically correlated by blood tests and ultrasounds to confirm the same.

Myth - PCOD is a serious health issue leading to permanent infertility in women

Fact - No, PCOD is common and is not at all a serious health issue. Infact, it is a complete myth that women with PCOD cannot conceive normally without any medical intervention. However, some women with PCOS do experience untimely ovulation which disrupts the natural process of fertilization causing infertility. In case you are not conceiving for a long time with PCOD, discuss with your gynecologist for the best methods to conceive without any delay or hesitation.

Myth - Only salad diet is recommended for women with PCOS

Fact - Having salads daily is indeed very good for PCOS, but one cannot completely survive on them. Along with salads such as cucumber, carrots, onions, celery, lettuce etc., one must have low- carbs, light protein meals along with fruits to carry day to day activities and secrete essential hormones.

Myth - Men also suffer from poly cystic ovaries

Fact - No, men don’t have ovaries however, they can play a role in passing the PCOD gene to their daughters.

Myth - PCOS pose a risk to diabetes, heart diseases and cancers

Fact - Yes, substantial research hints that women with PCOS have insulin resistance hence making them prone to diabetes, endocrine disorders and certain cancers. With the increase of age, women with PCOS also get susceptible to heart disorders and conditions like high blood pressure which affect other vital organs such as kidney, brain and liver.

Myth - Once you have PCOS you will have it for lifetime

Fact - Unfortunately there is no complete cure yet, but the symptoms and ill effects of PCOD can be brought down to almost zero level by managing the condition well. Please refer our sections home remedies, medicines, tests, food & recipes to know the right ways to manage the condition better.

Myth - PCOD causes mood fluctuations

Fact - Yes, there is an established link which is indicative that hormonal imbalances bring mood swings, emotional instability and pose a risk of emotional outburst along with fluctuated mental health in women with PCOS. Refer to the section home remedies to find out the best ways to deal and cope up with mood fluctuations.

Myth - Weight loss can help in controlling PCOD

Fact - Yes, weight loss has been extremely beneficial for women with PCOS. To begin with, a weight loss of 5-10 kgs exhibit excellent clinical effects like regularizing menstrual cycle, lowering mood swings, facial hair, acne and hair loss in women with PCOD.

Myth - Women with PCOS experience frequent miscarriage

Fact - No, it is not necessary that they experience miscarriage while having PCOS. However, conceiving as well as during pregnancy precautions are to be taken as suggested by a gynecologist to prevent from any unwanted complications.