There has been substantial evidence that women with PCOS/PCOD must exercise for at least 45mins routinely in a day. PCOS affects the body and organs in several ways. Primarily cystic formation in one or both ovaries disrupts uterus functions leading to infertile conditions. Secondarily, weight gain and insulin resistance lead to diabetes (type 2), heart disorders, kidney disorders and intestinal disorders.

Running/Jogging – Thrice a week

Women in their teens till the age of 40 are recommended to run with proper foot gears and running strips, example; ideally on soft ground, treadmills, or runners’ tracks so that they don’t harm their knees. This not only helps in burning fats from the body, but it also raises the heartbeat to an optimum level which is very much required to lower stress and secrete necessary hormones.

Jogging, on the other hand, is for beginners or people with medical conditions such as arthritis, knee problems and other bone related disorders as they must not run at a fast pace. Slow jogging with proper footwear is ideal to reap the benefits of running yet having less impact on knees and full body.

Recommended Exercices - Running/Jogging


We all are aware of the benefits of yoga, however there are some chosen yogic exercises which are extremely beneficial for women with PCOS. The forms are targeted especially for body strengthening, boosting fertility, stabilizing menstrual cycles, and elevating mood.

Recommended Exercices - Yoga

Butterfly position

Join your feet and sit comfortably in this position, not hurting your knees too much. Then gently flap your thighs from slow to faster movements depicting the wings of a butterfly. This asana is known to help in the process of timely and right secretion of essential hormones from the ovaries. Do it at least 50 times or more for best results.

Recommended Exercices - Butterfly position


Naukasana or the boat shaped asana is remarkable for reducing belly fat, strengthening the core along with aiding proper insulin secretion. Place yourself in the yoga mat in the sleeping position. Then gently raise your arms and head to a 30-degree angle and similarly your legs at the same angle depicting a boat like figure. Hold the position for 30 seconds or more and then release for and repeat again 10 times for best results.

Recommended Exercices - Naukasana


Dancing is always fun and frolic. Women must try out dancing with various forms such as contemporary to bhangra, pop, and drumbeats along with Zumba moves. This can really help lower stress levels and fat deposition while improving flexibility and bringing a feeling of wellness. This activity must be carried out for at least 45 mins vigorously with 3 mins breaks, twice weekly to reap maximum benefits.

Remember that pushing yourself to do such activities should be your prime goal no matter how fat you are. Keeping your happy hormones flowing is very important to manage PCOD in the right manner.

Recommended Exercices - Zumba