Doctor's Day

Doctor’s Day --- The expanding role of doctors in the digital era

Every day is the Doctor’s Day with millions of lives saying thanks to doctors across the world. On this big day, we must admit that the role of doctors is not only that of a clinician, physician, or a surgeon. Rather, on a broader sense, the doctors are the saviors, the companions of unhealthy days, and the protectors whose skills are no less than magic.

Over time, the advent of technology has brought a lot of changes in the way medical care is rendered to the patients. In the early days, for every sick person, the ray of hope came with a doctor with his medical kit carrying solutions for all the ailments. But now, the diseases have spread awfully and so the inventions in medical science. What has still remained common is the role of doctors who administer the technologically advanced ways of treatment on the patients.

Doctors bring technology with a human touch

No matter how refined the diagnostic or imaging equipment is or how many new drugs have come into existence, the key still lies in their proper use. Patients get relief only when they talk in details with their doctor about the report, their treatment plan and the effect of the medicine. Though the technological devices can give accurate results and medicines give quick relief, the actual healing comes with doctor’s assurance and communication with the patient.

Doctors’ role is getting magnified in the web world

The virtual world has given enough space to expand anyone’s presence. The humungous stature of the web world has practically brought doctors at a place where they are accessible to people in different parts of the world. It has marked a major shift from the conventional in-clinic visit to online consultations which is adding utmost convenience to the user’s experience. They can easily consult a doctor of their preference at their convenient time and get the best treatment from the comfort of their home. On the other hand, doctors are also getting patients beyond their geographical location and extending their reach.  

Doctor’s supremacy above all

The results a doctor’s experience can bring is unmatched. There are healthcare apps, devices, and plenty of online information, but the comfort a doctor can give is unmatched. Be it talking on a screen or directly visiting a doctor in the clinic, there are many things that a doctor can do with his expertise which are sometimes even unexplained.

The world will definitely move to superior technological advances and many things will change in the medical world, but the role of doctors will remain unchallenged. They are the harbinger of health, compassion, care and human touch which brings the true healing in a patient.

Zoylo extends gratitude to all the wonderful doctors across the world and salutes them.