Employee Healthcare Plans: Why and what to choose for your employees?

Health, happiness and productivity at work are related concepts and organizations are realizing this fact across the world. This is the reason why employee health benefits are increasingly becoming a part of the package offered to the employees and salary & health benefits are counted together. The need of a healthy work community and its positive impact on overall business productivity have made companies foster the concept of a healthy work place with the right choice of employee healthcare benefits. However, for the maximum benefit of employer and the employees, going along with a wholesome corporate wellness plan is fruitful. 

Why do you need a corporate wellness plan?

Workplace and employee behaviour depend largely on the culture developed over there. Introduction of wellness programs and offering medical benefits to the employees help them develop healthy behaviours that reflect in the work they do, the output and a healthy employer-employee relationship. Also, the ability to function and perform on a high level consistently depends on the health of the employees which makes it mandatory for the organizations to consider health plans that really aid to the overall healthcare needs of their human resources. Some other reasons for the same are listed below:

  • Preventive healthcare services in the corporate health plans help in decreasing the high cost of emergency care.
  • Reduced absenteeism due to timely medical care and engagement in healthy activities included in the wellness programs.  
  • High morale and positivity being engaged in yoga, meditation, workplace Jumba or exercise programs and regular nutritional advices.
  • Increased employee retention and loyalty as the employees feel cared and even their medical expenses are provided by the company.  
  • Reduction in overall cost due to less sick leaves, high performance, high productivity and reduced medical cost of the employees. 

What are the characteristics of a good employee healthcare plan? 

 The market is full of health insurance providers and other corporate healthcare companies. But organizations are of different sizes with employees falling in varying age groups, hence “one-size-fits-all” does not suit here. Based on the constitution of your human resources, size of your company and vulnerability of your resources, you need to choose plans that really work for your employees. However, a few must-to-have characteristics in the employee healthcare plan for your organization are listed below.   

  • Healthcare benefits should be accessible. The on-site healthcare services, the online services, weekly or monthly in-premises health activities should be planned and accessible to the employees. 
  • Preventive healthcare should be embedded in the system. Prevention of deadly diseases through preventive check-ups is what is going to help your employees in future as well. Make sure the plan you choose have abundance of preventive health packages for your employees and their families. 
  • Medical care and wellness should go together: Healthcare is not only about freedom from diseases. Give your employees extra by choosing plans that take care of their holistic wellness. Dental care, ophthalmology, hair care, stress management, weight management and spiritual wellbeing will offer your employees a healthy present and a healthy future.   
  • Insurance and tax benefits. The employee benefit programs that offer insurance will make the employees financially ready for any emergency condition without putting much cost pressure on the company. Added tax benefits will encourage them to actively participate in their health management.
  • Coverage for dependants and parents. When the family is taken care of, the employees tend to become more loyal and happier. Go with a corporate plan that includes your employee’ families as well.  

Employee health is of paramount importance for any organization as it develops a healthy work culture and builds a healthy workforce. Having a corporate wellness plan in place ensures the health of your employees and business together.