Enhancing Customer experience in Digital Healthcare

We are the creatures of the digital world. Artificial intelligence and technology have taken over the world by a storm. Can you think of anything that doesn’t make use of technology these days? And why not? Technology makes every aspect of life better, and a significant digital influence is observed in the healthcare sector too. Surgeries are made easier and accurate with the help of surgical robots and smart hospitals are reshaping patient care like never before. The digital healthcare ecosystem is working constantly on improving medical treatment, reducing healthcare cost and above all enhancing customer experience.

Healthcare today has become patient-centric with the ability to provide hassle-free service that in turn builds patient trust and enables them to actively engage in medical services provided to them.

There is a hoard of digital healthcare provider Apps and portals that have made a mark in the market with the sole aim to enhance customer satisfaction by providing easy access, convenience and security.

Let us take a look below at how the digital healthcare can improve customer satisfaction in the years to come.

1. Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR/EMR) - A good EMR/EHR facility at your doctor’s or the hospital you often visit is a life savior. Since the patient information is stored in the cloud, so the chance of losing it or falling in the wrong hands is impossible. It is a very secure, easily accessible platform that enables proper diagnosis and patient treatment anytime and anywhere.

The Electronic Health Record is a much preferable way to store all your health and medical reports rather than the pen and paper mechanism which is subject to wear and tear. Your medical report is always at your fingertips.

2. Remote Patient Monitoring - RPM or Remote Patient Monitoring is as beneficial to the patients as to the clinicians. As the health service providers already have easy access to patient data, treatment and care are delivered with higher efficiency and at a lower cost. RPM improves the behavior of the patients towards their health and increases patient engagement. With the onset of the RPM technology, patients always have a virtual healthcare team to keep their health and well-being under observation.

3. Wearable technology and IoT devices - The nation has started embracing wearable technology for the betterment of their health and well-being. The market now boasts of an array of health and wellness apps that acts as your personal health monitor. You can now measure your health vital parameters and also seamlessly integrate your health records with your device to manage your health better.

4. Telemedicine - We often fail to upgrade our medical requirements as and when needed. Telemedicine works a savior here. You can simply opt for online medical stores and order an at-home delivery of your required medicines. Also, you get the facility to update your medical requirements and the online stores manage your monthly medicines by sending you prior reminders.

5. Online Customer platform - Manage doctor appointments, consultations, health records all at one place. This is a seamless engaging platform where customers can check reviews of different doctors according to specialty and location and choose one of them as per their convenience. This is indeed a revolution in the digital healthcare sector where customer experience is a priority.

The healthcare sector is like a web-platform where patients, healthcare providers, and value-added services all are brought under one roof. This healthcare eco-system offers a seamless digitized end-to-end patient experience.