Ensure safe physical relation during the pandemic: Be aware!

Coronavirus came with a universal call for physical distancing. While maintaining a distance of 6 feet is recommended for everyone, getting physically intimate really looks impossible. At the first glance, sexual activities during a contagious spread really seem risky, but there are many aspects to this. While love making with partner can help reduce the stress associated with socially aloof life, insecurities, and fear, it comes with its own set of risks as well. However, understanding the risks, being aware and choosing the right preventive measures can allow safe intimacy with your partner even during the pandemic.

How physical intimacy can transmit the infection?

Covid-19 is well-known to spread through respiratory droplets. Coming in direct contact with saliva while kissing or entering someone’s breathing space can easily pass the virus.

Till now, there is no clue of coronavirus spreading through sexual secretions. However, the virus has been found in feces.

Understanding the risk

We must accept that coming closer to anyone comes with the risk of exposure to coronavirus. With spouse or partner as well, the same risk of infection persists.

You are safe, if

You and your partner are following the guidelines of physical distancing, avoiding crowds and public places, and are wearing the mask.

You are at risk if,

Your partner had been to any public place without wearing a mask recently and get closer to you while kissing or cuddling.

When you are meeting your partner after too long

Mostly it is found that the virus is transmitted by “silent shedders” or the asymptomatic carriers. So, even if you don’t show any symptoms, the general guidelines suggest to stay away and practice isolation if you are joining the family after too long. A self-quarantine of 14 days is suggested for everyone. However, if you are meeting your spouse after many days, abstinence is the best way to go. Even after 14 days, get tested for covid-19 and be honest about the results.

Ensure safety of your partner

Follow rigorous hand and respiratory hygiene and maintain physical distancing whenever you are outdoors or when someone visits your home. Despite all the precautions, if you or your partner shows symptoms of Covid-19 infection, then prefer sleeping in separate bedroom.

Tips for safe physical relations during the pandemic

  • Universal masking is the key. Even during sexual activity, do not co-breathe or do no share your air space. This can be done by using masks.
  • Avoiding kisses is another safe measure of intimacy during the pandemic.
  • Take shower before and after any sexual activity. It will ensure washing off of any other allergen or trigger as well.
  • Clean all the touched surfaces with alcoholic wipes.
  • Do not compromise with hygiene protocols, especially when you or your partner comes back from outside the home.
  • Have self-control. Do not ignore or hide any sickness or symptoms of the infection.
  • Be 100% sure about partner‘s Covid status to rule out any risk of getting infected while being close to your partner.

People with sexual life must understand that their negligence can bring their partners at the risk of infection and can lead to a chain of transmission, endangering others. At the same time, safe practices can help you lead a normal life of togetherness with your partner during this phase of social seclusion. So, be aware, be vigilant, and keep safe!