First Intimate Moment: A few things to keep in mind

Human body is miraculous. From psychology to sexology, there is a lot to uncover, a lot to discover. Getting intimate with other sex for the first time is one such mysterious phenomenon that involves your body, mind, and soul together. The curiosity of first intercourse, if fed with the right information, can help you step into the sex life in a healthy and confident way. If you are the one getting ready for a sexual roller-coaster with your partner for the first time, below are a few tips for the first intercourse to keep in mind. 

#1. Emotional highs & lows are natural 

Getting excited, nervous, and feeling awkward, all at the same time is quite ok. It’s happening for the first time, so you might feel uncomfortable, no matter you are a man or a woman. What matters is whether you are willingly ready for this or not. If you are in for it with all your heart, then take your own sweet time to experience the fun and joy of making this relationship which is physical, yet eternal.  

#2. It’s not painful. Keep your mind free!

Don’t start with a presumption that sex will hurt you. It’s not the same for all. Keeping yourself stress free and letting the things happen naturally will not cause any pain. To allow free penetration, you can try the lubes which are easily available in pharmacies and online drug stores. In some cases, women experience pain for initial few days due to a condition called “vaginismus”, in which the vagina tends to tighten involuntarily during the intercourse. If the condition is more painful, you should consider meeting a gynaecologist for further advice. 

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#3. Go for a safe sex 

The first and the most important preparation for your intercourse should be the protection from any kind of STDs or from the risk of contracting HIV. Condoms are the safe physical barrier from the smallest of infections. They not only allow safe sex, but also prevent unwanted pregnancy. If you are considering birth control pills to avoid the pregnancy, using a condom is much advised for the first time, as the contraceptive pills need proper administration for quite some time to show its effect. Though, there are pills to be taken after the intercourse, if you are using a condom, oral medications won’t be needed. 

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#4. You might not bleed for the first time 

Bleeding during your first intercourse is not the proof of your virginity. Usually, many women bleed during their first intercourse because of the rupture of “hymen”, which is a thin film of skin at the mouth of the vagina. However, studies have revealed that many women break their hymens during physical activities, cycling, jogging, workouts and similar high-intensity physical exercises. So, your first experience should not be overshadowed with a pre-occupied mind waiting for the hymen to break.

#5. Be open, talk, and set the mood right!

Shying away might deprive you of the actual fun and indulgence. Take enough time to open up with your partner. Express your specific feelings and needs. Set the mood right with some romantic background music, floral arrangements, candles and aroma. Jazz up the ambience and start with some foreplay to gradually kill the nervousness. Welcome the things as they come up and enjoy with your partner. 

A healthy sex life is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. Allowing the things to happen naturally, taking time, patience, and preparation to stay safe and healthy can design better experiences for you and your partner.