Five ways Zumba and Yoga at workplace can benefit your employees

Fitness culture at work place is essential due to rising stress, long working hours, pressured deadlines, and countless demands at the worksite. The word fitness hardly comes in our mind as we remain involved in the work staring at the computer screen for long hours. In such a scenario, implementing online or on-site fitness events and encouraging the staffs to get involved in it can benefit both the employers and the employees in many ways. Studies haveshown that while we exercise, the hormone endorphins are released which help to increase the self-confidence, energy levels, and positive attitude to a greater extent. This definitely helps the employees stay focused, motivated, and charged for better performance and better health experiences.

The benefits of workplace fitness initiatives:

Wellness programs at the worksite are more important these days. Regular exercise helps to fight stress, reduces health risks, improves the quality of life, and relaxes both body and mind. Here are a few benefits of implementing a fitness culture in the organization:

  • Lowers employee healthcare costs
  • Reduces stress and absenteeism
  • Promotes better work performance
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Helps in building immunity
  • Promotes creativity and innovation
  • Fixes bad postures
  • Boosts confidence and morale
  • Keeps the digestive system healthy
  • Lesser aggression and irritability
  • Improves social connection between the employees

5 Amazing benefits of implementing Zumba and yoga at the workplace:

5 Amazing benefits of implementing Zumba and yoga at the workplace


1. Alleviates pain from desktop jobs:

Sitting long hours looking at the computer screen can cause shoulder pain, neck strain, and shoulder stiffness which affects employees’ productivity. Taking a few seconds from your busy work scheduleto focus on your breathing and doing simple stretching workouts or yoga poses like seated twist, shoulder rolls, wide-legged forward bend, wrist, and finger exercise, to name a few, can melt down your mounting stress, relieve muscle and body pain, improve your energy levels, andconcentration.

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2. Improves concentration and focus:

Too much stress, work overloads and continuous meetings at the workplace may interfere with your concentration. Hence mastering the yogic art for a few seconds can help to master your brain, focus on the given task, and reduce your daily distractions. So, to prevent slipping at work, a few minutes of yoga and meditation a day can boost your attention span.

3. Promotes team spirit and morale:

Extreme stress can affect the mood of the employees and disrupt peace in the office deteriorating overall employee motivation. Practicing yoga helps to lower the stress hormone, cortisol, and thereby fosters more serene workplace. So, let’s be a part of the corporate wellness program and inhale the fresh air, focus on your rhythm, and exhale out the stress. Implementing yoga, the instant relaxation tool, at the workplace can bring a positive change in the organization.

4. Maintains healthy body weight:

Zumba, one of the entertaining physical workouts, is a new craze and effective fitness tool trendingwithin organizations that boosts the cardiovascular system. This fantastic workout helps in burning calories and fights off the extra fat from the body. Actively participating in Zumba also keeps the lifestyle disorders at bay.

5. Improveshealth and social benefits:

Moving the entire body, arms, shoulders, to the beat of music gives a full-body workout in one go. Zumba helps to build endurance, improves blood pressure, exposes to the social and fun environment, and increases pain threshold. Zumba, not only provides health benefits, but also helps in achieving social benefits.Zumba fitness sessions at the workplace make the employees fit and healthy, brings their stress levels down, and makes them more productive and positive.

A majority of the employees in today’s world spend their time in meetings, delivering projects within the stipulated deadlines, and meeting tons of other commitments. Being in such a fast-paced environmentcan take a toll on health. To boost the morale, spirit, and health of the employees, initiating health and fitness programs like yoga and Zumba can keep the workspace and workforce healthy, happy, productive, and efficient.

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