Free health check-up: how it makes a difference

Our on-the-go lifestyle hardly allows us to involve in regular physical activities or wholesome nutrients on our plate. We are responsible for our health and hence the least we can do is to go for preventive health care measures and maintain a lifestyle that will add to the goodness of our health and well-being. 

Why Health Check-up is necessary?

Many youths might just laugh off regular health check-ups as a necessity of the old age. But is it really the case? Think over!

We hear of complaints like heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, increased weight, mental health issues and hormonal imbalances on the rise these days. Are we doing enough to prevent ourselves from the risk of getting these diseases? NO. Our busy lifestyle calls for some relaxation during the weekends that we define with partying hard, having bouts of alcohol and smoking, plates of junk food and little sleep. Such stress-relief actions result in diseases and illnesses that might scar your health for life. 

Take for instance, a kidney illness is rarely going to make itself known until it has reached an advanced stage requiring a surgery or dialysis. Diabetes is one of the reasons that lead to anomalies in the kidneys. It happens gradually when diabetes has reached a very higher limit that might lead to a kidney failure. However, if you incorporate regular health check-ups in your lifestyle, you might have a chance of averting any permanent illness. Also if you have a family history of any significant disease, make sure you start health screenings at an earlier age. 

Factors influencing Regular Health Check-up:

Well, these days there are no particular reason or factor to get a health check-up done; the only reason being prevention. 

  • Age - To consider age before going for a health check-up would be the greatest unawareness. Because these days there is no such disease that is characteristic of old age. If a person above 60 years of age can be diagnosed with diabetes, there is also a chance that a teenager of 16 years might be a victim of juvenile diabetes. So keeping your health on a check at regular intervals is necessary.  Age is just a number. Don’t let it deceive you! 
  • Lifestyle - If you are a smoker and a regular drinker, well, going for health check-ups is a must. Medical professionals say that most of the diseases people suffer from these days is a result of excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. It is easy to assume that you are completely healthy, as your body hasn’t shown signs or symptoms of any illness. But confirmation through check-ups and regular tests count. 
  • Family History - Do you have a family history of diabetes or thyroid or cancer? Have you been missing out on your health check-ups on the pretext that there have been no significant symptoms yet or just sheer fear? Change the way you think! Prevention is the best cure to any disease. 

Why FREE Health Check-ups?

These days, hospitals and healthcare organisations understand the importance of early detection and preventive treatment of diseases. Hence, every year on various occasions and health days, a number of FREE Health check-up campaigns are conducted all over the country with the aim to gift good health across the nation. 

Every being has a right to good health. FREE health check-up camps held in villages are important as they raise an awareness among the rural population on the importance of regular health check-ups. Some vital tests like Blood Pressure (BP), Diabetes (RBS), BMI and Pulse are usually a part of a FREE health check-up camp. These are some vital measures of the body and their count is however essential to prevent a number of serious illnesses that might affect you. Sometimes even a healthy lifestyle is not enough to ensure a healthy well-being. Diseases are uncertain and might affect anyone at anytime. 

These FREE health check-up campaigns that are initiated across the country every year aims at making people realise that a regular preventive health check-up is way economical, stress-free and beneficial rather than an emergency treatment. 

On 7th April, World Health Day, ZOYLO has taken the initiative to conduct a one day FREE Health checkup campaign across India which focuses on vital health investigations like Diabetes, BP, BMI, and Pulse. You will also get a FREE Doctor consultation along with the health screening. 

Join hands to endorse a healthy India. A step forward can make a healthy difference.

#HealthForAll Campaign