Frontline warriors are living legends of COVID-19: Happy doctor's day

July 1st is observed as the National Doctor’s Day annually to honour our doctors who tirelessly work to save our lives. The precision, compassion, commitment, and care showered by them on the people seeking life and hope has always given them a larger than life stature.

During this tough phase of pandemic and the unprecedented times, many doctors are risking their own lives and shielding us from COVID-19. In this fight against Coronavirus, we have sadly lost a number of such brave-hearts who emerged as the real heroes and warriors standing at the frontline only to safeguard us.

Zoylo extends a heartful of gratitude and takes the opportunity to appreciate and thank all the doctors for their incredible efforts in saving lives across the country.

A year of unseen sacrifices

The pandemic outbreak and its limitless impact have brought the most challenging global crisis ever seen. It has crept into our lives taking a big toll on our health, living, and livelihood. Many doctors have isolated themselves from their families and staying in hospitals to take care of the patients who are suffering from extremely contagious COVID-19 infection.

Yes! The doctors, paramedics, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are our frontline warriors who have joined their hands and come together to attend the patients, suspected families, and the community every single day. We truly appreciate and salute the entire medical fraternity who are working round-the-clock with unremitting contribution, untiring effort, dedication, resilience, and devotion to protect, help, and treat the patient while risking their own lives. Looking at these enormous sacrifices, we are spell-bound with humility and gratitude.

Play Your Role: Follow the Doctors

We wake up every day with panicking news of COVID- 19. Still we keep our mind calm as we know that our healthcare experts are always there to care and treat us. However, as a liable citizen, we should also acknowledge our responsibility to do our part and help the doctors in whatever way we can. By simply following the government guidelines for prevention against Coronavirus, we can help supress the transmission of infection and support our frontline warriors to some extent.

Here are a few basic things that every citizen should follow to protect and support our doctors and healthcare staffs who are at the forefront in the fight during COVID-19 crisis:

  • Stay indoors and follow the guidelines as advised by the health department.

  • Stock up your essential medical supplies, but never go for injudicious hoarding.

  • Panic can put us through all the physical and emotional wringer, so strengthen, nurture, and boost your immunity.

  • Provide support to the individuals who are in difficulties.

  • Avoid visiting hospitals unless it is urgent. Make prior booking.

  • There is a rising demand for masks, cleaning supplies and sanitizer in hospitals. Look out for donation drives and contribute personal protective supplies if you can as it could help someone with respiratory distress.
  • Support and respect our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals by cooperating and following them.

High-Five for the Recoveries

We have witnessed increased numbers of positive cases and succumbing rate too. Still, our doctors have stood unwearyingly for their duty while accepting a huge risk to their health. During this rigid stretch, it’s their unwavering commitment towards service, their expertise, and belief which has made the recoveries faster and lasting. Let’s all focus, remember, and appreciate the recoveries rebooting lives in many patients during this COVID-19 crisis and salute the noble job of doctors.

On this special day, Zoylo thanks all the frontline warriors for their compassion, healing touch, and the commitment during the hardest pandemic crisis in the global history!