Get Rid of Internet and Computer Addiction

Do you use internet? What a silly question- you might think!  But underneath the question lies a crucial matter of concern of current time - Internet Addiction. Just like any other addiction, internet addiction is becoming an epidemic that is not only hitting the youth of the society but the elderly, so-called sensible people are also falling prey of computer addiction. 

I understand there are questions popping in your head as - What is internet/computer addiction? What causes such addiction? How to get rid of the internet addiction? And so on. But before answering these questions, don’t you think it is imperative first to understand whether the internet usage is actually your necessity or addiction?

Tips to avoid internet addiction disorder:

Use of Internet - Necessity Vs Addiction

When it comes to the degree of using internet, there is a wafer thin margin between the need and addiction. However, since the time spent on a computer / laptop or internet depends upon the scope and purpose for which an individual uses them, so it is not practical to quantify the addiction in terms of its use. Then what may be measure? A crisp and clear identification of computer or internet addiction disorder is if a person neglects the important spheres of life such as work, school, relationships just to use internet or the computer, then dude…it is a cry for help!

 Some other indications of addiction can be:

1. Loss of track of time while using internet

2. Use of internet hampers the tasks at home

3. Isolation from family and friends

4. Feeling guilty or defensive about using internet

5. Experiencing a sense of intense excitement when involved in online activities

These are some generalized symptoms however there may be other symptoms as well such as – sleep issues, strained vision, severe headaches, excessive weight gain or loss, etc.

Is your usage reaching its capacity? Here is how to get rid of an internet/computer addiction:

If you notice any of the above symptoms in you or your know ones, then you should understand that it is alarming and now is the time to get rid of internet and computer addictions. Nothing could be better if you have a strong will power to abstain yourself from using the computer and internet beyond the point related to work. Once you are able to control yourself for some days then you might set a deadline for use and follow it strictly. However, since the addiction is any habit that is hard to abstain from, you might need some help from outside. For that you can pick from the following options:

1. Online therapies for addicts

2. Cognitive behavioural treatments for Internet and computer addicts

3. Therapeutic methods- such as use of SSRIs - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

4. Seek help from the residential or inpatient Internet addiction treatment centres

As it is said that excess to everything is dangerous, so appreciate the advancing technology and use it in a wise and intended manner. If you douse yourself up in the world of internet you might not notice but sooner or later, your need turns into an addiction!