Happy Dussehra 2020: 10 evil habits to kill for a healthy life

The Dussehra, with its festive aura all around, has already filled the atmosphere with its aroma and positivity. We all know that this festival signifies the victory of good over evil. Yes! Removing the darkness and enlightening the path of life with peace, purity, love, and happiness is the message we get from this festival.  In our own life, we can bring brightness and goodness of health if we identify the evils of our personal lives and win over them. But, a few of our daily routine habits in this fast-paced environment always establish their stubborn existence and take a toll on our health. 

This Dussehra festival, let’s mark new beginnings and provide a healthy dimension to our lives by deleting the bad habits and sticking to the good choices. Yes! Let’s now take a pledge to wipe our evil habits and bring hope, happiness, strength, and stamina to combat the diseases born out of our bad habits. Together, let’s nurture our health for a healthy tomorrow!  

10 Bad habits to quit this Dussehra for good health:

While we prepare to celebrate Dussehra with full fervour, here are a few bad choices residing within us that should be knocked down to have a healthy living all year around.  

1. Skipping breakfast:

Skipping breakfast


Fuelling your body after long hours of overnight fasting is vital and should never be excused. Consuming healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast helps to lower stress, restore glucose levels, keep heart healthy, boost energy, manage a healthy weight, and improve the memory.

2. Excessive alcohol consumption:

Excessive alcohol consumption may pose a danger to health. It also affects your mental health and mood. According to research, drinking too much alcohol is associated with a higher risk of stroke, heart failure, liver disease, fatal aneurysm, digestive disorders, cancer, weakening of the immune system, high blood pressure etc. So, wipe out this demon by accepting the health concerns and seek help from the rehabilitation centres to treat alcohol addiction.  

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3. Smoking: 

Smoking is the worst habit you cultivate to ruin your health. Smoking dramatically kick starts various dreadful diseases. Smoking leads to staining of teeth, darkening of gums, increased risk of gum diseases, cancer threat, and acid reflux to name a few. It even puts your kith and kin to the dangers of passive smoking.  To lead a healthier life, break your cigarette cravings by speaking to the doctor today. 

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4. Unhealthy eating habits: 

Unhealthy eating habits


Following unhealthy eating habits are definitely not a defensible diet strategy if you aim for a healthy life. It adds extra pounds and calories leading to weight gain. Following measures like portion control, reading food labels, and adding healthy eating choices may help you prevent the misery of obesity tag.  

5. Skipping daily workout: 

Exercise is the best magic pill to enter into the world of health and fitness. So, surprise your body with at least 30 minutes of workout every day to cut extra fat, strengthening muscles and bones, thereby boosting the immune system. If you are skipping them frequently, stop doing it anymore.

6. Sleep deprivation: 

Never give space to bad sleeping habit as it can override your life. Lack of sleep affects overall health and makes you susceptible to serious medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, reduced productivity, etc. Improve your sleeping habits by sticking to a regular bedtime routine that can help you lead a healthy life. 

7. Sitting for long hours:

Prolonged sitting can lead to a number of health complications like diabetes, obesity, PCOD, and heart diseases to name a few. Being physically active and breaking the long sitting hours rule will help you eliminate frequent outbursts of diseases. 

8. Too much digital dependence before bedtime:

 Overexposure to digital devices before bedtime can impact health and can lead to sleep deprivation, inattention, elevated body mass index etc. Limiting electronic habits is the best way to improve overall health and well-being!

9. Procrastination: 

Procrastination induces stress, keeps you exhausted, frustrated, and pulls even your career growth down the ladder.  Let’s crush procrastination this Dussehra by organizing the things, setting goals, taking breaks, and by rewarding yourself.

10. Ignoring annual health check-up:

Ignoring annual health check-up


Too busy schedule always demands in sacrificing health. To avoid stacking diseases, never ignore your routine health check-up. Allocate time for a routine doctor visit, as it helps to find any serious health diseases that might crop up.

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Let’s remove the above-listed 10 vices that are residing inside us during this Dussehra season! Pledge to enlighten your life by ignoring the bad habits and substituting them with healthy lifestyle choices for a healthier today and tomorrow. 

Happy Dussehra wishes to all the lovely readers!