Health Card An Affordable and Managed Healthcare Solution

Digital wave has created positive ripples in the healthcare industry bringing considerable transformations and enhancements that connects best of healthcare practices to the masses. Health Care is one such initiation that makes access to medical care more handy and affordable while being inclusive of a number of services. There are a number of group healthcare services, health insurers, and corporate healthcare services, but the Health Card has emerged as a revolutionary entity that truly caters to a number of medical, healthcare and wellness needs without being too heavy on the pocket.

What is a Health Card?

There cannot be a fixed definition of what a health card is owing to its varying features and attributes. However, Health Card, in general, is a packaged medical care option that brings a number of medical and healthcare services in an affordable and easily accessible manner.

Current Medical Care Scenario

The expenditure on healthcare has increased significantly with people getting awareness about preventive medical care:

  • 75% of medical expenses in India are out-of-pocket
  • Only 17% of the population is covered by some sort of health insurance
  • 99% of SME is not offering any health privilege to their employees
  • Per capita, healthcare expenditure has gone up by 10.3% in the last 7 years

Healthcare is more than just handling the medical emergencies. That is why, with increasing awareness, the expense on regular checkups, preventive diagnostic checks, vaccinations, dental and ophthalmology, spa & wellness center, yoga classes, gym, physio sessions etc are moving up.

Healthcare, though with varying features, offer affordable access to a number of medical and non-medical wellness services which are important to be healthy and which incur a good amount of cost.

Why you should go for a Health Card?

Health Card is a compact and handy medical card providing a holistic solution that can help you anytime anywhere. Different health cards in India are providing different services. There are a number of benefits of a health care card, few of which are listed below:

  1. Single identification number to avail a range of medical services and products
  2. Instant recognition and delivery of services for a given eHealthcard number
  3. Complete digital documentation and record keeping
  4. Value-added services like health insurance plans make it one-point solution
  5. Add-on services for families provide complete care
  6. Attractive discounts on a number of services making medical care more affordable
  7. Attractive discount on a number of non-medical wellness services

In today’s world, where healthcare accounts for a mandatory yearly expense in every family, Health Card can prove to be a good healthcare companion which is multi-featured yet economical. Find and compare healthcare online to plan your healthcare and healthcare expense.