• International men's health week: diabetes in focus

    Men’s Health Week 2018 commenced on 11th of June and is ending on 17th June, the Father’s Day. This week is dedicated to generate awareness on men’s health issues, preventive measures, and treatment options for various health problems prevalent among men.
  • World health day-a day to honour good health

    World Health day or WHD is an event that is organised under the leadership of World Health Organization (WHO) on the 7th of April every year. Its aim is to draw attention to mass healthcare and awareness against diseases, both spoken and unspoken.
  • World Population Day

    Optimum population means right allocation of resources, better healthcare, better education and a growing nation. Control the population blast. Spread awareness on World Population Day!
  • International Yoga Day

    Yoga brings health to your mind, body and soul while keeping you motivated, positive and energetic. Make yoga your way of life and always be in good health!
  • World Environment Day..!!

    World Environment Day aims at connecting people to nature. Take active participation in conserving nature, trees, water, and soil. We can’t live without them.
  • World Thyroid Day

    Thyroid is an important gland. A disorder in thyroid function can severely affect your health. Get a thyroid test done for right diagnosis.
  • World Autoimmune Arthritis Day..!!

    World autoimmune arthritis day aims at bringing awareness about the arthritic diseases. Neglecting the symptoms may lead to chronic arthritis whereas timely diagnosis can help in prevention and management of the disease. Take your doctor’s advice to combat the problem....
  • World Hypertension Day..!!

    On World Hypertension Day, let’s generate awareness on high BP and the disease burden it causes. Continued hypertension may lead to stroke & heart attack. Control high BP. Limit your alcohol intake, smoking, weight gain, and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Mother's Day..!!

    Our mothers changed their lives since we came in their lives. Let's keep showering our love, respect and time on her and live in her divine abode.
  • World Hand Hygiene Day

    Hand hygiene is a habit to be practised by everyone for the health and safety of everyone. This simple act can keep you safe from a number of infections and communicable diseases.
  • World Brain Tumor Day

    World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated every year on 8th of June as a tribute to the brain tumor patients and their families with an ultimate goal of generating awareness about the disease and the ways to cope up with it. It was first celebrated by a German non-profit organization in the year 2000 and is now supported by patients, their families, research institutions, health professionals, and scientists from across the world.
  • World No Tobacco Day 2016

    Tobacco use is a global concern which has entered into a vicious cycle of lack of awareness, tobacco induced diseases, and poverty. People, government, and organizations around the world are working to create awareness about the lethal consequences of tobacco use and the horrible effects of smoking.
  • World Health Day 2016, A Call To Eradicate Diabetes

    Health is a global concern and the World Health Organization took initiative in 1950 to organize the first World’s Health Day on 7th April. Since then, the entire world observes this day as a common occasion to reiterate the growing need of health awareness, precautions and measures to be taken to contribute to the good health of people worldwide.
  • World Water Day 2016, A Pledge To Preserve Water

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    The World Water Day was first observed in 1993 when the UN greatly realized the need to think and take measures for water conservation throughout the world.

    Water for the people, water by the people is the belief of this movement which aims at providing water for the basic necessities to people across all nations.