Health is the Key to Happiness and Wealth

“Health is Wealth”, we all know. We remind others also of the same but do we really follow it? Do we give priority to health over wealth? Many people die of fatal health issues or suffer severe debilitating illnesses at their middle age or old age with lots of wealth in the bank account. The irony is that, we keep on accumulating wealth to use it for our convenience or emergencies and get so busy in that, that we forget to take care of our health in the present time giving scope to future health emergencies. The reality is that, 70% of our wealth remains unused and we strain our lives to accumulate that for use at a stage of life when we are physically no stronger to use that for our fun, entertainment, and other activities of life.   

Your Health is your life. Get regular health check-ups even if you are not sick. 

Common Mistakes We Do

We get up in the morning and the day starts with checking up the to-do-list or the reminders in the mobile. The first thing to practice here is to remember our God and thank him for the brand-new day we are blessed with. Do Suryanamaskar or simply peep out the sunny day from your balcony and have a look at the greenery outside. Some more common mistakes are listed below: 

  1. Work before going to office and after coming from office. 
  2. Ignoring your hunger and thirst being busy in work. 
  3. Skipping the meals, especially breakfast.
  4. Using mobile late at night during the sleep hours.
  5. Taking excessive alcohol or smoking 
  6. Sipping multiple cups of coffee or tea to refresh ourselves 
  7. Depending on packaged food or fast food to save time 

The life has become fast, rather very fast and in order to catch up with our responsibilities, we take risk with our own health without realizing that the money we are busy earning is coming at the cost of our health and life. 

The Unseen Results 

We don’t realize, but the everyday torture we are giving to our body is gradually taking us to a personal doom. 

  • Unhealthy skin and hair with unhealthy foods
  • Weaker bones due to unbalanced diet 
  • Gradually diminishing memory and eye sight due to lack of sleep 
  • Rising weight, rising cholesterol, rising risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart attack 
  • Stress, anger, and intolerance leading to poor personal relationships 

Work is important to earn and wealth is important to get used instead of getting accumulated. The whole of middle age passes towards significant contribution to our bank accounts ignoring the contribution towards health which is important to make our old age healthy and active. The health risks we take in middle age paves the way to an unhealthy old age. But, there are things we can do and accommodate in our busy lives to have a balanced life with health and wealth together. 

What You Can Do?

  • Keep drinking water. Always have a bottle full of water at your desk.
  • Take 20 minutes to exercise even for at least 5 days a week.
  • Meditate at least for 10 minutes daily. 
  • Don’t skip meals. Have healthy snacks. Your body is where you live. Take care of it. 
  • Let go the things. Stress is no solution for anything 
  • Learn to be contended and happy. Wealth does not give true happiness. 
  • Be kind, polite, and humble to all. 
  • Spend time with family. Your quality family time is the true wealth.
  • Take leave for a vacation, use your wealth now. Future never comes to bring happiness. It’s always now.

Be Watchful of Your Health 

Don’t wait for health emergencies. Do not assume that you will have health problems at the old age and hence you need to accumulate wealth. You can do many things now to be healthy today and tomorrow.

  • Go for regular health check-ups even if you are not sick 
  • If any health issue, keep following with your doctor 
  • Do not skip your prescribed medicines and do not self-medicate 
  • For weakness and fatigue, meet nutritionist to get guidance on your diet  
  • Take care of your bone, skin, and hairs 
  • Do not ignore any kind of abnormal mental or physical symptoms 
  • Do not avoid seeking medical care anytime

One stop solution for all your health needs.

These little efforts can make a big difference in your life and overall health. Every day counts and a little contribution towards your health today will make you healthy tomorrow as well.