HEALTH TESTS you must go for before getting married

When it comes to marriage, most people go for checking compatibility of horoscopes ignoring all that is much more important to be checked than the stars – and that is the mental and physical health of the couple-to-be. Getting medically tested is the most sensible thing to do before tying knot, but which are those particular tests that should be taken? Below are the names of a few pre-marital checkup for male and female.

Genetic Testing

The probability of genetic diseases arises from the time of birth due to abnormality in DNA. These can also be inherited by succeeding generations. Some diseases such as thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia, some types of cancers, diabetes, mental disorders, etc. fall in this category. Genetic testing is important to make sure that you or your would-be partner does not carry any of the genes that can put the future generation at risk of diseases. Test would entail taking a small sample of the blood or saliva from both the partners and would be investigated for specific markers.

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Tests for Blood Groups

Most of us hardly care which blood group we belong to, unless we either require blood or we donate it to somebody. However, at the point of marriage, it becomes very important to test for the blood groups as the incompatibility of the Rhesus factor (the positive or negative sign of the blood group) can affect the unborn child adversely. If the partners with opposite Rhesus factor conceive, there are higher risks of rhesus incompatibility as the mother tends to produce anti-bodies to target the RBCs of the growing fetus, which can lead to miscarriages or even death in many cases. Hence, it is important to inform your doctor beforehand so that precautionary measures may be taken to prevent the adverse effect of Rhesus incompatibility.

Tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV

Though society still holds a stigma with such tests, but when it is the matter of whole life and especially when such conditions can affect your future kids, it is always to be on the safer side. No matter how much your partner promises that he does not have any chance of carrying such diseases, you must never step down. Some diseases that come under this category are HIV, herpes, hepatitis C, gonorrhoea, bacterial vaginosis, syphilis, etc. Though Hepatitis B &C and HIV are lifelong conditions, but other STDs can be treated with appropriate medical care.

Tests for Fertility

One of the very important purposes of a marriage is to extend family. These days, even healthy-looking couples are not able to conceive due to fertility issues. Male infertility is rising and so is the case with females. Getting a fertility test and infertility treatment right on time can help couples extend their family. Also, it is always better to be aware of the fertility status of each other before marriage.

Apart from these specific tests, preventive health checkup or master health checkup will give an idea of the general health status of the future couple. There a number of advance health checkup packages available in hospitals which are affordable and convenient to go with. Undergoing health tests before marriage is one thing that should not be overlooked. If there is something not up to the mark, then both the partners and the families can figure out the options and make a decision for better future of all.