How Aging People Can Boost Their Memory?

Aging is the part of life! It’s inevitable; it’s the law of nature. Aging comes with its own set of traits which makes people fearful about the upcoming life. Weakening bones, greying hair, shedding teeth, and forgetfulness are a few common complaints of ageing people. Only if we pay attention to our health at the right time and take precautions, we can avoid a number of such issues that ruin our lives in the old age. Diminishing memory power is also one of the most common problems of aged people which not only affects them, but also others around them. Forgetting keys somewhere to forgetting the address of one’s own house, loss of memory in old age can be really scary. But there are ways to boost the memory and keep it sharp even in the old age.

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Here are a few tips that can help you increase the memory power during old age.

 #1. Be mentally active; Keep Learning!

Keeping your mind active is crucial to sharpen the memory. The best mental exercise is learning which will keep you busy while challenging your brain to act. It will initiate communication among the brain cells by stimulating them. So, read more, pursue any of your hobby, or go for learning new skills.  

#2. Bring your senses in action 

When you use all of your senses, you actually use more of your brain which improves memory. So, keep doing things that needs your eyes to find something, your ears to listen distant sounds, your nose to smell things and locate them, your tongue to feel different tastes rather than just eating and do some physical activity.

#3. Get proper sleep and do mediate regularly 

Brain needs some time to consolidate the memory and day’s events. So, take proper sleep and naps whenever you feel sleepy. Depriving yourself of sleep diminishes the memory. Also, do some meditation on regular basis to calm down your brain and let it work properly. It will improve your focus, concentration, and cognitive abilities.

#4. Repeat activities 

Things you want to remember and do more often should be repeated. If you forget where your keys or purse are, designate a specific place for that and always try to find it yourself and do this activity anytime of the day. Locate your folders, mobile chargers, glasses and other personal items yourself many times a day. These repetitions will improve your memory and will keep the short-term memory loss at bay. 

#5. Eat brain booster foods

There are some foods considered as memory boosting foods. Eating almonds and walnuts from a young age will keep the memory sharp preventing old age memory problems. Olive oil contains brain protective antioxidants which should be used for cooking purpose. You can also have coconut oil, turmeric, eggs, and wild salmon in your diet. 

It should be noted that significant loss of memory is not a normal part of ageing. Forgetting some names or where things are placed seems normal, but if someone forgets his or her own name, the names of his acquaintances, address, whether he or she had his meal or not, or similar things of day-to-day activity, then it’s a warning sign of severe neurological illness. It can also be due to some organic disorder or brain injury. In any case, the person needs medical attention and a visit to the neurologist is required. Neglect of such conditions may lead to more complications. So, be active and be watchful to seek the right help at the right time.