How Artificial Food Dyes harm your Health

No wonder! Food dyes always lean to be eye-catching among all age groups around the globe.

Food dyes often invite children irrespective of their age when added to their favourite food. Right from candy to breakfast cereals, there is nothing left out without adding food dyes. Should we celebrate our children with these dyes? These food dyes are available in many forms such as gels, powders, liquids, and pastes. When incorporated in food, they can cause numerous health issues from allergic reactions to cancer.

It’s true that the price for dyes often cost less, but treatment costs more. Though, you can easily buy prescription medicine online for acute symptoms, taking some precaution is better to avoid serious consequences. We should dictate our children about the hidden dangers of artificial food colours.

Why I loathe Artificial Food Dyes?

It’s very hard to accept the so-called “I eat healthy food”!  When you open your cupboard, you can find even the every-day items are loaded with dyes. Some of them include toothpaste, mouthwash, pro-biotic yoghurts, a beautiful array of multi-layered cakes, cookies, candies, fruit juices, Jellies, Pickles, Vitamins and cold medicines. You can always locate the artificial food dyes in labels with the name followed by a number. For example Green 3, Red 5, Blue 1 etc. Artificial food dyes induce hyperactivity and adverse behavioural issues in children.

Sometimes, a mild allergic reaction symptom like itchy skin, headaches, migraines and flushing can also be seen. If you have faced any of these issues already and have a prescription with you, then order medicine from online medicine store and take step towards its remedy.

Eliminate Food Dyes before it hit your Health:

Artificial food dyes are developed in a lab using petroleum, a crude oil product. Numerous studies showed that there is a link between hyperactivity in children and food dyes. A study conducted in Australia showed that 75% of parents noticed the improvement in their childish behaviour and attention when artificial food dyes were removed from their diet.

Food dyes may cause Cancer – In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to quench their thirst without carbonated drinks. Every day new dyes are made and added to the food to meet consumer demand.   The continuous usage of food dyes poses serious health risks like cancer, including brain tumour, colon cancer, mutations, and allergies.

These dyes make foods/drinks visually appealing with zero flavours and leave a tattoo when it touches our tongue. So, push out artificial food dyes from your diets and introduce 100% natural colours to lead a disease free life!

Replace Fake Dyes with Natural Colours:

It’s better to invite natural food dyes to your plate rather than the poor toxin. Achieve a chemical-free end result with dyes made out of fruits and vegetables. Here, is the list of a few natural colours which you can try to make out using kitchen ingredients.

Green: green tea powder, spinach juice

Yellow: saffron, carrot juice, turmeric powder

Pink: pomegranate, beetroot

Orange: carrot juice, pumpkin juice

Let’s together try out to formulate food dyes from our garden to our table to make food more appealing. It’s definitely a better option to move forward with the natural dyes rather than the commercial ones available in the market. The colour will be better and we can minimize more of any allergic reactions or other health issues.

Of course, our body will thank us for choosing natural products that are harmless. If you experience any side effects, then stop it immediately and seek medical care. When prescribed, you can buy medicines from the best online medicine store in India.