How to deal with Post-Diwali health hazard due to smoke?

With all the fun and games of Diwali, we simply forget to take care of our body inside out amidst the Diwali pollution. If you pay heed, you will get to know that many of those crackers and other smoke emitters have already taken a toll on us. Recently, many states of India have imposed a ban on bursting crackers due to bad effects of Diwali festival on the environment and people. As commendable as this step is, you should also do something on your part by having a safe and eco-friendly Diwali to ensure a happy health of your body and the environment. This article would let you know a couple of hacks and tips to deal with the health hazards that happen due air pollution after Diwali. Having said that, these steps would be very easy to follow and would be beneficial to eliminate the effects of crackers and those hazardous smoke!

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1. Skip Your Morning Jog the Following Day:

As healthy and profitable jogging is, you should not go on your routine jogs on the next day of diwali. The pollutants and smoke particles are still present in the air which can enter your body if you step out to jog. Instead, you can do your routine exercise at the home.

2. Never Step Out of Your House Without a Face Mask:

A face mask is a must when you want to step out of your house the following day. The mask will help you breathe refine air and will stop all the pollutants from entering your body. It is best to invest in good quality face masks that are readily available at medical stores. Make sure that you do not let your children step outside without a face mask on. 

3. Detoxify Your Body:

After celebrating Diwali, you should always detoxify your body that will help in eliminating all the harmful chemicals within the body. The simplest way to do so would be to prepare a good hot green tea for yourself every morning for at least till 7 days after Diwali. You can also go for other detox drinks that are available in the market. Basically, you want to have something hot in the morning to eliminate chemicals from your body.

4. Hydrate Yourself:

Water is a solution for most of the things. Always remember to keep yourself hydrated and fresh to maintain a good health. Keeping yourself hydrated has a lot of skin benefits as well. Your skin too gets affected to a whole another level after Diwali and the simplest way to rejuvenate it would be to drink loads of water at a regular interval of time. The most practical way for it would be to keep a bottle full of water with you all the time and sip some water after every half an hour. 

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These tips are really great to prevent your lungs from the smoke present in the air. However, sensitive people with asthma may face breathing troubles or wheezing which is quite obvious in this polluted air. Always keep the inhaler handy and don’t forget to meet a pulmonologist if the symptoms get severe. You can locate your nearest pulmonologist and book online appointment for added convenience.