How to control panic & paranoia surrounding COVID -19

Amidst the rise of confirmed Covid-19 cases in India, it is natural to feel anxious & experience fear specially when mortality is reported. However, there is a lot we can do to prevent & sail through this pandemic phase without panicking & living with constant paranoia. 

1) Let’s begin with information first - Paranoia often starts with misinformation which usually spreads over various TV channels, internet, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms that only create panic & hysteria. Point to be noted is that, all coughs, fevers, throat pain & flu like symptoms are not Covid-19 cases.

Coronavirus Precautions


Right things to do - 

Watch preventive videos or read only relevant information from trusted sources or websites such as World Health Organization, Centre of Disease Control, John Hopkins, Mayo clinic, Cleveland clinic and all India Government authorized regulatory notifications. 

2) De-stress & relax your mind - Worrying about what will happen to you, your family members and kids is very much understandable in the present scenario. However, too much anxiety and worry may actually elevate other health problems which will make you susceptible to fall sick on its own and may cause onset of conditions like rise in blood pressure, fast heart rate, spike in blood glucose levels, distorted thoughts, weakened immune system and insomnia. 

Relax your Mind from Covid-19


Right things to do 

  • Spend time with loved ones, especially the children and make them feel safe if they follow simple guidelines. 
  • While you come back from work or you are working from home, put on some favorite music. Incense, aroma oils and purifiers really help in relieving stress. 
  • Connect with your friends through phones, emails and messages and speak out your worries and concerns. 

- Watch your favorite comedy movie or apply some soothing oil and creams to get relief from tension headaches and backaches.

- Do not consume excessive caffeine or nicotine in any form to release tension which includes smoking cigarettes.

- Practice not touching yourself and others without cleaning your hands; specially mouth, nose and eyes.

- Yoga, controlled-breathing exercises, and meditation are excellent ways to cope with any kind of stress. 

3) Let’s take individual responsibility - While dealing with any contagious outbreaks such as Covid 19, individual role has a great significance in controlling the pandemic.Your personal hygiene is of utmost importance than any other thoughts or feeling of hysteria.      

coronavirus symptoms


Right things to do - 

- Wash your hands frequently (compulsorily before meals) with soap or alcohol-based agents. 

- Take bath daily with preferably lukewarm water.

- Eat adequately, don’t skip meals. Include vitamin C rich foods in your diet & sleep sufficiently daily. 

- Cold / refrigerated products and preserved items should be avoided for atleast two months.

- Keep your mobile phones, laptops, desks, beds, keys, and car-steering clean and hygienic as much as possible. 

- Refrain from non-essential public gatherings, travel, swimming pools, gymming, clubs, malls etc. 

- Maintain a deliberate safe distance from people whom you know are sick. This will prevent the spread of any infection. 

- If you are feeling unwell, stay at home and rest. Watch out for all the co-existing symptoms. Take a free covid19 self-assessment to analyse your risk of infection based on symptoms. If in doubt, please consult a doctor online and take the right medical advice. Avoid visiting crowded places and order medicines online to get them delivered at your doorsteps.

4) Exercise daily - Research is suggestive that any type of physical activity done for atleast 30 minutes daily helps in keeping the lungs & airways clear, reducing the chances of bacteria and viruses to manifest in the body increasing immunity. Further, it helps in decreasing stress hormones which is usually responsible for weakening the immune system. 

coronavirus Prevention


Right things to do

- Brisk walking for 30 mins near the vicinity of the house or terrace or garden. 

- Spot jogging

- Free hand exercises

- Yoga & breathing exercises are extremely beneficial. 

Yoga for beginners 

5) Consume balanced diet - Indian kitchens are already well equipped with naturally antiseptic & anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric, pepper, garlic, ginger, onions, and cloves. They may not be scientifically proven to fight against corona viruses, but they definitely help in boosting general immunity. They will help power the WBC (white blood cells) to fight against any kind of infectious condition. 

coronavirus controlling


Right things to do -

- Refrain from all kinds of fast foods and meals prepared outside the home. 

- Replenish yourself with plenty of water (2-3 liters in a day)

- Include variety of hot soups daily (vegetables preferably) 

- Eat & serve freshly prepared hot meals with all the above-mentioned ingredients. 

- Boost your immunity with Vitamin C rich fruits such as lemons, oranges, papaya etc.

- Consume only properly home cooked poultry preparations. Refrain from other meats as research is still in progress regarding the role of other meats in the transmission of Covid-19 infections.

Takeaway message 

Last but not the least, what cannot be cured has to be endured and there are many successful cases where people have come on top of their conditions despite being infected with Covid-19. Hence, we are all in this journey together and we can effectively try stopping the virus from growing endlessly by taking sensible steps jointly!