How to prevent covid-19 at corporate workplaces?

Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 has affected the world and the humanity at large leaving us all ponder over the possible options that ensure our healthy survival on the planet. Along with human lives, our businesses, commerce, corporate operation, and lot many day-today practices have suffered the consequences of lockdown. Though, we all are waiting for things to get normal, in the absence of any specific treatment or vaccine, social distancing and prevention only seems to be the most feasible option to stay safe.

After facing this unprecedented scenario, organizations are preparing to get started. However, a planned-approach that ensures complete safety of the employees with enough preventive protocols in place is the need of the hour and a government mandate too. It is the high time employers should prepare themselves and their employees appropriately for day-to-day operation in a pandemic environment. Lack of proper planning can lead to series of failures with insufficient resources at employers’ end and inadequate training to perform under pandemic conditions at employees’ end. The results could be more contagious and devastating for the organizations. 

How an infectious outbreak can affect organizations?

How an infectious outbreak can affect organizations?

In an event of infectious outbreak at a workplace that spreads person-to-person, multiple areas may see impacts simultaneously.

Absenteeism: Employees can be absent if they are sick, taking care of sick family members or fear an infection.

Disrespect or dissatisfaction with the organization: Unsafe infectious environment at a workplace might ignite unhealthy employee sentiments.

High expenses, dues, and financial burden: Businesses and revenue turnaround might suffer with less productivity, high maintenance cost, and soaring employee medical expenses.

How organizations should prepare for reopening?

How organizations should prepare for reopening

In today’s scenario, pandemic readiness is a quintessential need at workplace. The previous causal approach to work, workplace and resource management might cost lives. Apart from having all the previous departments and teams, now companies need to formulate specific team to ensure prevention and adherence to the laid down protocols by the employees.

The team will guide protective actions against Covid-19 and other type of contagious diseases. It will stay abreast of guidance from the national, state, or local health agencies, and will consider how to incorporate those recommendations into workplace-specific plans.

Apart from this, some basic actions to be taken are listed below.



  • Disinfect the entire premises including parking lots, waiting areas, reception, lifts, stairs, conference rooms, cafeteria, washrooms, etc using the recommended disinfectant medium.

  • Disinfect the employee carrying vehicle entering or exiting the premises.

  • Install touch-free hand wash and sanitizers at all aggregation points like entry, exit, wash rooms, meeting rooms, pantry etc.

Resource planning

Resource planning

  • Recruitment of trained healthcare professionals to screen the entry and exit of staffs on day-to-day basis.

  • Stock up with adequate protective gear and thermal scanners to meet the safety needs of every segment of the employees.

  • Ensure timely calibration of the thermal scanners, adequate use of sanitizers, and proper disposal plan for the personal protective equipments.

Structural planning

Structural planning

  • Reconfigure office to maintain a distance of 6 feet at work desks, in meeting rooms, or in waiting areas. 

  • No more than 2 staffs allowed in the lift

  • Meetings or official gatherings with more than 10 staffs should be discouraged.

  • Cafeterias not to allow more than 40 to 50% occupancy with enough distance between the people sitting at a time.

Administrative planning

Administrative planning

  • Mandatory education and sensitization of all the employees regarding Covid-19 disease and its prevention.

  • Healthcare hub within the premises to meet employees’ immediate medical needs.

  • Facilitating timely preventive health checkups at home or in office along with doorstep medicine delivery.

  • Work from home flexibility as and when needed and possible

  • Mandatory gap of one hour between two shifts for office operating in multiple shifts

  • Staggered food breaks for staffs in batches

  • Special emphasis on employee mental wellness through various Health Talks, awareness sessions, remote yoga and stress relieving sessions, etc.

How to equip the workplace for Covid-19 prevention

How to equip the workplace for Covid-19 prevention


  • Auto-dispensing hand sanitization at the entry
  • Mandatory masks for the employees

  • Thermal screening devices
  • Shoe sole disinfection mat

  • Foot-operated door opening

  • Sensor switches at workplace

  • Social distancing in corridor, stairs, canteen, and work areas and disinfection

  • Meeting room fumigation

  • Guided seating in canteen and disinfection

  • Vehicle disinfection

Prepare for emergency management

  • Identify and list down all the nearby healthcare facilities providing treatment for Covid-19.

  • Place awareness posters on Covid-19 at the workplace and circulate basic dos and don’ts to the employees in mail.

  • Circulate information to the employees as where to seek help in case of emergency.

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