How to stay healthy and socialize in the new normal

“New normal” has been the frequently used word everywhere after the profound impact of COVID-19 pandemic attack. Many of us may wonder whether this new normal life will fade away with time or will build a lasting history around the world. Though we can’t control the rule of uncertainty striking us any time, adjusting the life accordingly is in our hands which can help lessen the impact on our overall health and well-being. 

Even though the social interaction and other daily activities like shopping, working, schooling has given us new challenges and difficulties, adapting to the new normal is the best way to stay away from all physical and mental health issues. Here are a few tips to help everyone adapt positively and stay healthy amid the challenging times.  So, keep reading the post to know more!

Why socialization is important?

Staying connected and socialization with people is not only a way of living in the society, but is also the way to keep yourself aware, open, and mentally agile. Communication with others helps you to extend and seek help. Especially, during these tough times, speaking up is required to encourage others also to come forward and share their thoughts. For mental wellbeing, it is too crucial to give words to your thoughts and keep the stress, fear, or any kind of anxiety at bay. Yes, it is true that the way of socialization has changed in the new normal and we must adapt to this change to stay socialized and safe.

Tips to stay healthy while socializing in the new normal:

Adapting to the new social dynamics has mixed opinions among individuals. Yes! For a few, accepting the new habits may be impossible while it may be undesirable for others. Still, it is required. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the current shift to stay healthy while socializing in the new normal existence.

During festival season:

New normal diwali festival in India for people


The vibe and energy have already set around! The on-going pandemic gives us different celebration modes and while we are in between the festivities, you should take extra precautions to stay healthy and safe. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Follow all the rules issued by the government authorities 
  • Keep sanitizer bottle away and never rub your hands before lighting the Diya or candle
  • Don’t forget to wear a mask
  • Don’t eat anything randomly without washing the hands
  • Carry a water bottle and use that water to wash your hands
  • Maintain social distancing and avoid meeting people physically
  • Take special care of the elders and the little ones in your family

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Redefine Festive Giftings:

Redefine Festive Giftings


Festivals are incomplete without gifts and goodies. In the recent times, gift ideas for festivals have seen tremendous changes and have become more health centric. Individuals as well as corporate organizations are looking for gifts that greet with good health. During this crucial Covid situation, we all should think alike and ensure each other’s good health through thoughtful gifts for Diwali, Christmas, New Year or other festivals. 

  • Try gifting the family and friends with much-loved immunity-boosting foods, like nuts, dry fruits, herbs etc., over the traditional sweets and savouries.
  • Consider exotic and aromatic herbal green tea and ready-to-use immunity boosting concoctions. 
  • Wellness packages and products are quite a welcoming gift these days.
  • Corporates can be gifted with discounted healthcare services, health vouchers, or coupons for healthcare portals.

At the workplace:

Business office people maintain social distancing


Accommodating new things and challenges at the workplace is really a hard task in the new normal time. To move forward, try accepting the new behaviours, the new mindset and the new workplace protocols to stay healthy and connected with other employees. So, here are a few actions you need to focus on!

  • Follow all the safety protocols put forth by the organization
  • Maintain enough distance from other employees to stay healthy
  • Following preventive measures in the cafeteria is a must
  • Monitor the symptoms and stay at home if you feel sick to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread
  • Connect and personalize with the employees
  • Increase awareness and stay updated with the latest information on COVID-19 
  • Increase indoor ventilation with natural aeration. In case of using the air conditioner, clean the filters frequently. 
  • Include risk assessment to protect employees from COVID-19 attack

 In your neighbourhood:

New normal lifestyle people wearing mask


Staying at home or heading out only when required can lower the risk of catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus. Being in the crowded environment during the festival times spirals COVID-19 cases manifolds. Give emphasis on the below few things:

  • Obey safety norms
  • Maintain social distancing, wear a mask, and follow top-notch hygiene standards
  • Keep a track on COVID-19 status in and around the area where you live in
  • Welcome anyone with sanitizer and keep distance while sitting
  • Restrict eating habits like alcohol, fried foods, roasted-salted nuts etc.
  • Nurture yourself with healthy foods, good sleep, exercise, and stay well hydrated

Connect to health through digital platforms:

The sudden and unprecedented change in the way of life due to COVID-19 has changed our way of approaching the medical needs. The use of Telehealth service has come very relevant and handy at this time which helps to prevent direct physical contact, thereby reducing morbidity and mortality. So, download health apps or access digital healthcare platform through the web to access the healthcare services. 

To mitigate health issues connect with our doctors directly through online consultation


Adjusting to the new normal era is a little complicated task. The outbreak has created a major shift in family life, business, and social life. Following the above-listed tips will help you navigate safely and healthily while you try to fix yourself in the “new normal” change.