How Wearable Devices are helping in better Healthcare?

A few years back, wearable technology was a distant thought, but now they are the latest entrant in the healthcare domain. Wearable technology brings some advanced and pioneering health gadgets that you can wear, but certainly, there are many distinctions.

Wearables are refurbishing the structure of the healthcare industry by allowing people to track their health in a better and precise manner. Wearable fitness devices can be used in tracking a person’s overall health status and some crucial vitals to take necessary measures right on time. People are now convinced of the importance of wearables and are switching to various wearable medical devices. Nearly 101.9 million units of wearable devices were sold throughout the world in 2016, according to the International data corporation (IDC). IDC also predicts that more than 213 billion units will be sold by 2020.

  1. The impact of wearables in the healthcare industry is simply fathomless. Now, people are more conscious of their health and fitness and are taking revolutionary steps to lead a healthy and wholesome life. Fitness bands are the smartest wearables which can track every detail of a person’s fitness enabling him to reach his fitness goals easily. Moreover, fitness bands allow people to check their health anytime, anywhere and they don’t need to visit the hospitals frequently for their regular health check-ups. Fitness bands or health monitor watch also notify you on how much active you have been throughout the day. Not only this, but they will also calculate your calorie consumption and calorie burn. The sleep tracker will monitor your sleep pattern every night to tell you how much sleep you need.
  2. Food allergies are the burning concern in healthcare research and development. The doctors and medical researchers need more data to disinter the actual reason for food allergy. You must be astonished to know that there are many wearables which are sensitive and smart enough to detect the number of offending allergens in your food and the air. Allergy amulet is a necklace, bracelet or device which can effectively detect food allergy. It also offers some additional information like what type of food a person needs to avoid or discard.
  3. TZOA is an advanced and prominent Enviro-Tracker which measures the air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light, and sun exposure. People with asthma or allergies can get to know about a particular region before visiting there to avoid any flare-up of their symptoms.
  4. Google smart contact lenses are one among the wearable health monitoring devices that can measure a person’s blood glucose level. The technology has been invented in such a way, that it can take the tears in a person’s eye to measure the glucose levels.
  5. Viatom Checkme is the World’s first tricorder device which can measure your body temperature instantly to let you know whether you have a fever or not. Within a few seconds, it can tell you whether you are healthy or you need to go to a doctor.

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As technology is flourishing, so the growth of smart wearable devices in the current market. In the future, it is expected that more wearable devices will be invented which will change the definition of healthcare by making it more data-driven and more personalized.