Improving health as a couple - tips to manage better

You may be a newlywed couple, long distance couple, working couple, or an elderly couple, but believe it or not, yours and your partners current health and wellbeing is directly linked to the personalities, reactions, habits and most definitely the bond between the two. 

Sometimes we can hardly do anything about a partner’s personality and the way they react to circumstances and situations. But what is very much in our hands are ways to improve the relationship jointly and gift each other “good health”.

Read on to find out kinds of couple and how couple traits can pose health complications for each other.

Working couple – the heart matters

In today’s fast paced life, not only couples have very little time for emotional affection, but they hardly have even time for the right way of communication. Working couples with high pressure and demanding jobs are often under tremendous stress, and they vent out anger and frustration along with exhibition of episodes of emotional outbursts. 

The repercussions of such actions are Blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, erectile dysfunction, weight gain (due to stress hormone cortisol) high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Specially after the age of 30 the above conditions become as common as table salt. But many don’t acknowledge that their stressful lifestyle is hampering their personal lives to a great extent. To overcome and come on top of these conditions act now and read the tips below to enhance your health as a couple. 

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Newlyweds – The cupid struck 

New found love gives immense energy and pleasure. But the initial procedure of knowing each other could be a roller coaster ride of emotions and expectations. One should be mentally and physically prepared before investing into a new relationship. According to psychologist any new relationship when started prematurely with half knowledge can damage and turn into a toxic one. 

You are encouraged to ask freely about any prevailing complications (mental/physical). To get a better picture one can get prenuptial profile or after marriage tests to know levels of thyroid, testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone, blood sugar levels, blood group, sexually transmitted diseases investigated. Not only this, any genetic anomalies should be known priorly before taking the relationship to the next level as “would be parents”.

Joint family- keeping the Indian scenario in mind, Indian brides most often go through huge amount of adjustments in the new family they have been married to. They not only adjust to the likes and dislikes of their spouses but also cope with new parents and family members of the groom. This has posed some anxiety, mood swings and hormonal changes in brides keeping up with daily expectations. 

Read the tips below to deal with stress as a couple

Elderly couples – Happily ever after!

At this age, companionship has a new meaning. The two of you play the second innings probably the best innings of life. The hustle bustle of day to day life, bringing up children, financial strains and compatibility issues are no more the epicentral concerns. Taking care of each other becomes a symbol of the long partnership. 

With the advancement of technology, reading, learning and practicing new effective ways of dealing with various health conditions has become a blessing to the new generation elderly couples. if your spouse is living with a lifelong condition such as diabetes, now one can order new testing machines or order routine tests at the comfort of your home. Not only this they can save money, time, energy and buy medicines online to better manage their condition.

Long distance couples – where miles cannot separate 

Research suggests that long distance couples often suffer from loneliness, anxiety, misconceptions, monetary strain which often leads to mental distress, even resulting in break ups and sometimes faithlessness. They are often unsure about their respective partners, their mobility, intimacy and their whereabouts. 

While living with insecurities, anxiety, depression and blood pressure fluctuations are commonly prevailing. However, when the above conditions are ignored and left undetected, they further create complications in the mind, kidney and heart. 

People living with long distance relationships are recommended to speak regularly and communicate with true feelings with each other. Having said that, relationship experts hint that long hours of talking (2-3 hours on phone) can also lead to petty quarrels. Being too casual or too possessive can damage the relationship unnecessarily. Hence striking a balance and understanding each other’s situation with open heart is extremely important for the good of each other health. 

Argumentative couples – laughter heals many cracks

I am sure at a point of time in our life as a couple we all have argued to our hearts and ego’s satisfaction. However, unwillingly scientists claim that 7 out of 10 couples fight because of “non-issues”. Couples constantly fighting with disagreements does not always indicate that they want to break up or rift apart. But while they develop a quarrelling tendency, they also tend to suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, hysteria, hallucinations and most definitely sudden emotional outbursts with panic attacks. 

Anger management, stress management and mental relaxation are the best ways to cope up in the case of couples who agree to disagree most of the times. Planning a comedy movie date or even better joining a laughing club with your partner may give you remarkable moments of togetherness and not only this, it may also help in coping up with past arguments and experiences of emotional outbursts.

Read on for some more useful tips 

Tips to improve health together as a couple 

  • Include long romantic brisk walks (45 mins) just like the candle light dinners. You are recommended to take up this activity thrice a week. 
  • Talk it out, not discussing problems is not a solution. Dedicate 1 day in a week, exclusively to hear each other out and make sure you listen with empathy. 
  • If you are a long-distance couple, then you are recommended to “walk the talk”. And keep the conversations short, crisp, amicable and motivating. 
  • Give minute attention to things related to each other, happy couple is not a myth it is a state of mind of two people willing to stay together inspite of differences. 
  • Swimming, new forms of dancing, couple yoga and zumba can really revive the “lack of companionship” and keep you both gainfully engrossed. 
  • What you and your partner is eating is the most important aspect of a couple’s health. Make sure all high calorie junk foods, bakery items, deep fried high carbs are completely out of the grocery list to reach health goals as a couple.
  • Cooking is not only one partners responsibility, take turns and surprise each other with new meals and healthy snacks to show that you care.
  • Take a full body test every 6 months together to ensure that all vital hormones, heart, kidneys and the liver are functioning to the best. 

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Don’t ignore any health signals such as back pain, knee pain or simply feeling low. These could be signs of various mineral and vitamin deficiencies. 

  • Don’t forget to compliment your partner on their new looks and weight loss.  
  • Stay positive even if the cholesterol levels, weight gain and blood pressure are not getting under control. You may choose to take medical/professional help to come on top of the above conditions.
  • Last but not the least intimacy and joyful moments cannot be replaced by any therapy, any other person or medicines. Give each other ample of understanding, space and compassion. Sometimes complex things can be solved by simple efforts!