Infant Immunization Why You Should Not Ignore It

As a parent, we try to give the best things to our children, be it their necessities, education, or tradition. When it comes to health, then also we try to keep our children aloof from any disease or even threat of a disease. This is where immunization of infants plays its role by protecting the children from diseases and threat to many other diseases as they grow up. It should be realized by all, that prevention of a child from diseases starts right inside the womb and continues after birth through a number of vaccines following one after another. 

The importance of infant immunization is well acknowledged and celebrated in the “National Infant Immunization Week” observed every year in the month of April. This one week is dedicated to spread the awareness about importance of infant immunization and to celebrate the success of immunization programs till date. The immunization campaigns run so far have been able to prevent children and community from a number of preventable diseases.

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Benefits of Infant Immunization

Immunizing children against diseases through vaccination is beneficial for them as well as the community. Let see why vaccination is a must for every child.

1. Protects your child: There are many diseases that can take the life of an infant, toddler, or a young kid. Diphtheria, polio, measles, hepatitis, whooping cough, rubella, small pox etc a few of them that can be life threatening. Vaccination makes sure your child is safe from all such preventable yet life threatening diseases.

2. Saves the future of child: Some diseases may not be life threatening but may disable a person. So, vaccination that is done during infancy protects your child from getting physically or mentally disabled in future. 

3. Saves money on future treatment: Immunization rules out the chances of a number of complicated diseases in future which saves your time and money to be spent on the treatment. An immunized child is a future healthy person, except for the unforeseen medical conditions. 

4. Protects next generation:  There are a number of diseases which have been eliminated and kids need not take any vaccination for them. So, immunization of children in present ensures a protected safe generation in future. 

5. Saves the community: A diseased or sick child is a threat to the community as they can transfer the disease to others. When all the children remain protected from the preventable diseases, there is no scope of spread and infection of the same. It leads to the creation of a healthy community as a whole.

Immunization is our moral responsibility towards the health of our children and entire community. A little step from everyone contributes to a large scale gain in healthcare. So we should all be aware and alert to get our kids timely immunized. Visit your nearby doctor and book appointment online.