Interesting food ideas during travelling in Covid-19

While we all are stuck in this pandemic and avoiding to go out or eat outside, the food requirements during long travel hours become a serious concern. Travelling with your masks on and social distancing maintained, it’s not easy to let go those mouth-watering food options you see at every corner on streets. However, to keep yourself safe from exposure and avoid contraction of infections, it’s the need of the hour to carefully choose your travel-friendly food & snacks. Here is a list of some healthy and tasty items to fulfil your hunger while keeping yourself energized during the travel. These ideas will also end your dependency on outside foods during this pandemic time.

Some healthy food choices while travelling during the pandemic

Nuts and dry fruits: Replace snacking of oily and fatty food items with these healthy options that are not only nutritious but also fulfilling. Store some roasted peanuts, cashew nuts, dates, figs, almonds, pumpkin seeds and others nuts of your choice. They will last long and will give you all the energy needed during your travel.

Methi thepla / Khakra - If you are travelling for 2-5 days, methi (fenugreek leaves) thepla and khakra can be a great choice. We can store thepla for 2-5 days if prepared using dry methi or kasuri methi and khakra can stay for 20-25 days if stored well. Both thepla and khakra are made by whole wheat flour, fenugreek or methi leaves, some amount of bengal wheat flour(besan), oil and dry spices which increase the shelf life of the food. 

Methi thepla / Khakra


Papdi / Mathri - Crispy crunchy papdi or mathri are popular snacks which are tasty and great choice with delightful flavour. These can be prepared with easily available ingredients at home according to your own taste and are easy to store for many days. 

Papdi Mathri


Chivda - Chivda is a well-known homemade snack prepared with thin flattened rice and other easily available ingredients. Chivda is another travel-friendly item to carry for tea time snack and it can also be stored easily for few weeks.



Makhana - Roasted makhana or fox nuts are easy to prepare and amazing snack option to take along with you on your trip. There are variety of makhana recipes such as plain roasted makhana, roasted makhana with salt and black pepper, jaggery caramelized makhana, makhana energy bars or laddu, and so on. They are nutritious and excellent choice of protein to keep you full of energy during your travel. 



Healthy laddu - Healthy energy giving laddus can be made with different ingredients as per choice, season and occasion. There are varieties of laddus made in Indian traditions such as wheat flour laddu using sugar or jaggery, bajra laddu, coconut laddu, semolina laddu, amaranth laddu, til (sesame seeds) laddu, besan laddu, gond laddu, dry fruits laddu, and methi (fenugreek) laddu which is also good for diabetic people. They are the best options to carry while travelling, specially during winters for instant energy.

Healthy laddu


Sattu (roasted grain flour) - Sattu is one of the protein rich summer drink which can be included in your travelling food list. They can easily be prepared using salt or sugar and water and can keep you hydrated during your journey. They also don’t have any preservatives and can keep your stomach full for longer time.

Sattu (roasted grain flour)


Banana chips - Banana chips deliver valuable nutrients including fiber, potassium, magnesium etc. which can be a great substitute for potato chips. It is not necessary to take processed and packed banana chips from outside as they can easily be prepared at home just like potato chips. 

Banana chips


Puffed rice mixture - Murmure or puffed rice is a low fat and stomach friendly snack more popular in northern states. Roasted murmure namkeen with roasted peanuts are healthy and long-lasting snacks for kids and adults as well. This light snack is better option for little hungers or cravings.

Puffed rice mixture


Energy bars - Homemade energy bars made with granola, nuts, seeds, oats, dates, and honey are filled with protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals which provide instant energy and stop cravings for unhealthy outside foods. There are so many options of energy bars already available in the market but these bars can also be easily prepared at home. 

Energy bars


Final thought: No matter you are travelling by car, train or flight, you should carry your own food and water to protect yourself and your family from this COVID-19 pandemic. While you travel, it is always suggested to avoid unpacked outside food. Apart from the healthy food and snack items mentioned above, you can always carry fresh fruits like apple, orange, strawberry, guava, etc. as they are filled with immunity boosting properties to keep you healthy and fulfil your short cravings at the same time. Do not forget to wash your hands before you eat anything.