International men's health week: diabetes in focus

Men’s Health Week 2018 commenced on 11th of June and is ending on 17th June, the Father’s Day. This week is dedicated to generate awareness on men’s health issues, preventive measures, and treatment options for various health problems prevalent among men. This year, the focus is on men’s diabetes which is engulfing men population with its rapid progression.

Purpose of Men’s Health Week

To generate awareness on preventable health issues among men and boys.

Engage male population in healthier lifestyle, activities, and choices. 

Encourage timely detection and treatment of male diseases and ailments. 

Men should be aware of the major health problems that might affect them at different ages. Prior knowledge can help them identify any abnormal symptom which can lead to timely diagnosis and treatment for a better overall health.

Common Health Problems Among Men

No one is not immune to any specific disease, however, there are certain health problems affecting the male population significantly. Heart diseases, prostate problems, injuries, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, kidney disease, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are a few most common health problems among men. Injudicious consumption of alcohol and cigarettes further lead to deterioration of men’s health.

2018: Prevent Diabetes Among Men

This year, the focus is on men’s diabetes as there are some alarming facts about men’s health that needs attention.

Diabetic Facts of Men

  • 1 man in 10 has diabetes. Male are 26% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than woman.
  • Men are more likely to be overweight and develop diabetes at a lower BMI. It’s an irony that many time men are not even aware that they are overweight and need a weight management plan.
  • Diabetic retinopathy and diabetic foot are more common among men leading to major amputations than in women.
  • Men mortality due to diabetes is 40% higher than woman. Men die early due to diabetes.

What Men can do?

Do not wait for the alarm! Take charge of your health and don’t fall prey to diabetes due to ignorance or negligence.

  • Keep checking your BMI. Maintain a good weight. If needed, take medical help to keep a check on your increasing weight
  • Eat healthy. There is no excuse for going to an unhealthy diet. Eat raw, eat less of oil, and say ‘no’ to sugar.
  • Keep exercising. The more you stagnate at a place, the more you bulge. Physical activity regulates your body weight and hormones.
  • Go for a blood sugar screening. Get your blood sugar checked and follow the instructions of doctor. Take medications on time, if any.                                                                                 

Diabetes is easy to manage but it is equally devastating if you take it easy. This year, men should wake up to take care of their health and families should show support towards them. Zoylo encourages all the men out there to rise and move towards their better health.