It Can be Serious Don’t Ignore Your Child’s Symptoms

When you become a parent, the hidden doctor inside you also wakes up which keeps an alert eye on the child. Is the child eating properly, has normal body temperature, seems active, and behaving normal or not are a few things you obviously observe for. However, being busy in your work and away from your child for eight long working hours can somethings keep you ignorant of what’s actually happening with the child. Even if you are at home there is not a defined symptom checker and which temperature is the warning sign, which tummy ache is really serious, and which body rash is normal are a few things you might not be able to figure out correctly.

Wait-and-watch is good, but parents should always be cautious and alert to seek medical help at the right time to prevent any serious consequences. Below are a few children’s health symptoms you should never ignore.

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1. High Body Temperature

 98.6 is the normal body temperature. If your child comes home little feverish, allow him to rest. Over-the-counter fever medicine can help, but if the temperature remains for more than 3 days or it shoots above 103 degree Fahrenheit, it time to pack your child for a doctor’s visit. High fever in children may result in other damage. Also, if the fever is accompanied with vomiting, headache, or tummy ache, you need a doctor.

2. Bedtime Headache

Your child might give you headache 24/7 with his naughty activities, but what if your child gets a headache. It is not that worrisome during morning, play time, or evening, but if your child is getting headache while asleep on the bed, it’s a warning sign. Meet a doctor immediately for check-up.

3. Type of skin rash

Skin rash in kids can be normal affecting the groin area, bottom area, under the arms, or inner thighs. However, if the rashes are affecting the whole body or if they have an eye with red rings radiating across the circles, they might turn serious. Do visit a doctor for a correlation.

4. Vomiting and Diarrhoea

 It is one of the most serious problems. If the child is vomiting and passing loose stools excessively, he may get dehydrated. Watch out if the mouth and eyes are also dry and the child is getting very weak. The situation might need IV for which you must see a doctor.

5. Pain while urination

The most common cause of pain during urination is the lack of water. So, first allow your child to drink plenty of water, but if the pain persists with redness in the area, please see a doctor. This might be some kind of infection which may resolve with right medication.

While you keep searching the best health tips for kids, watching out for the above symptoms is also mandatory.  Not only this, obesity in children is also a big problem which does not show any major symptom. But if you find your child’s weight on the higher side, you should meet a doctor at right time. With a little alertness, you can definitely avoid many emergency situations for your child.