Let us flatten the curve of Covid-19

India and the other parts of the world are witnessing a never before lock-down for weeks, stretching up to months, together in an effort to reduce Corona virus transmission and deaths. With regard to this, we keep reading and hearing the phrase “flatten the curve”, but what actually is the true meaning of flattening the curve? The concept of flattening the curve comes from the success of containing the pandemic of Spanish flu in the year 1918 in which influenza strain was contained globally through mass lockdown.

Flattening the curve does not mean complete eradiation of corona virus cases right away. It means to significantly reduce the number of new uprising cases which would automatically reduce hospitalization and death cases resulting from the virus.

How do we flatten the curve?

How do we flatten the curve of COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic


We are all aware that there is no specific vaccine or medication discovered yet which can treat the deadly COVID 19, hence the only way to flatten the curve is to put in joint efforts from each one of us, majorly by complying with social distancing, self-isolation when sick, not touching objects and washing hands frequently.

Your role in fattening the curve

Covid-19, Social Distance, Coronavirus Pandemic


As an individual & community, weeks & months of lock-down can actually take a mental toll on us, after all, humans are social animals. Cancelling events, postponing important work and sudden stop to all recreations can bring a sense of depression in all age groups.

But if you look at the bigger picture,hospitals with limited ventilators, doctors, scientists, nurses, pharmacists and diagnostic testing staffs are all burdened with prevailing numbers of COVID 19 patients already. This is giving them very little time to recuperate & permanently find a better solution. Not only this, many a times, they also contract the virus and become carriers to normal patients reaching out to them for other medical complications such as heart attack, child birth, accidents or injuries.

People in essential services also have a high risk of contracting the virus, hence individually, we must take social responsibility to have least social contact during this timeand step outside the house only if it’s an emergency.

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The bottom line

Corona virus is a socially transmitted pandemic affecting millions of people globally.Let the curve not become steep. Flattening it together will help everyone.The flatter  the curve, the sooner the normalcy!

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