Let’s celebrate body & mind - A daily quick fix

Have you been waiting to get your body and mind into a great space, don’t wait begin now, take a glance at 20-minute quick yoga fixes you can follow daily! 

Rx – Yoga (At least 20 mins daily) 

Paucity of time and energy are common factors in almost everyone’s life. But yoga doesn’t require ample time in fact, the time you invest in practicing yoga gives huge returns in terms of maintaining and balancing physical and mental well-being.  

On World Yoga day, we bring to you a 20-minute quick fix for all the individuals having crunch of time yet willing to do something exclusively for your own self. Let’s begin!

For beginners 

Tadasana -                                                                                (8 repetitions)   4 mins 

If you are a beginner or an intermediate level yoga practitioner, Tadasana is one of the best exercises to start your day with. Slowly rise on your heels and take a full arm swing upward stretch and balance for 20 seconds. 

It focuses on stretching your entire body, benefitting back, legs, buttocks, calf muscles, feet and arms. Along with full stretching it is a very good wake up-warm up. Do not forget to exhale and inhale air completely, while stretching upwards (inhale) and while resting on your heel (exhale). 

Take a one-minute break before starting the next one. 



Bhujangasana -                                                                                        2 repetitions    

This is also known as cobra position, as the name suggests, this asana is inspired by bhujang meaning snake. An excellent position to completely stretch your lower back. Place your arms near your chest. Inhale and uplift your body to a comfortable position fully stretching your arms, looking upwards. Remember do not hurt your neck.  

Highly beneficial for men and women having a desk job. This exercise gives a complete stretch to your spine preventing various spine related disorders. 


Anulom-vilom -                                                             Minimum 10 repetitions 4 mins 

Essential part of yogic breathing exercises, they not only help you in coping up with conditions like asthma and bronchitis but also help you in concentration and calming the entire system. 

Place your fingers preferably the thumb and close any one nostril, and inhale to the fullest, hold back for 15 seconds and exhale. Repeat the same with the other nostril. 



Kapalbhati -                                                            count of 50 to begin with- 4 mins 

Another, essential yogic breathing exercise some call it the powerful “pranayam” where breathing is the central focus and while you breathe you focus on pulling, your abdominal muscles inside and out release. Making a constant wave like motion which helps in secretion of important hormones such as Insulin. Not only this, you also effectively lose belly fat.                                                                           


Padmasana -                                                                                               5-7 mins   

Padmasana is also known as the lotus position, where you place your right feet on your left thighs and left feet on your right thigh locking it in the sitting position with a straight back. Initially, lifting both the legs on top of each other becomes slightly challenging specially if you have a stiff body type. Do not force yourself you can also sit in simple cross-legged position with a straight back. 

Close your eyes and meditate for at least 5-7 mins chanting “OM” or any mantra which makes you feel calm and better. 


These exercises not only help in keeping your body fit but also have a very pleasant effect on your mind too. Ideally, one should be doing it for 40 mins along with “Surya namaskar” the sun salutation pose, to get desired results. But to begin with doing the above regularly for 20 mins will also give good effects preparing your body completely for the next level yoga exercises and flexibility.