Let’s Welcome Independence in Healthcare on 70th Independence Day

India, with all its glory and pride, is celebrating its 70th Independence Day on 15th August, 2016. This is indeed a proud moment for Indians who got the privilege to be born in India and enjoy the colors of freedom that is unrestricted in every sense. 

These 70 years have witnessed enough progress of the country in every domain including science, technology, research, retail, education, and more. Coming years are going to be more promising with dominance of eCommerce, especially the healthcare eCommerce. The health care in India is going to touch new heights with better healthcare services backed up by superior technology and deep internet penetration in the society. 

The digital healthcare system in India is still at a nascent stage and there is a huge segment of population awaiting for it to make their lives easier and healthier. When India, is already undergoing revolutionary ecommerce development to meet people’s requirement for food, clothing, accessories, automotive, learning and similar necessities of life, then why not healthcare?

So, here with 70th Independence Day of India, the one rising icon in ecommerce is going to be digital healthcare which includes features that will certainly make the lives of people healthier. 

Online consultation or digital doctor consultation: It will facilitate those who want to get immediate consultation with a doctor from their location through video calls, phone call, or any other medium. 

Online medical appointments: Assured and confirmed online appointment will give clarity about doctor’s timing and availability reducing the waiting time. 

Home medical and diagnostic services: There are times when reaching to medical facility gets difficult. So, booking home services for doctor’s consultation, caretaker, diagnostic tests, and emergencies will help a lot to aged, disabled, and people with no one with them to support in medical necessities.   

Complete healthcare packages for different patients and sickness: With online medium in scene, people will have greater clarity about the different treatment packages available at different locations. It will help them take informed decision and make better choices with a number of services accessible to them. 

Home delivery of medical and wellness essentials:  No more wandering and searching for medicines now. The digital healthcare enables pharmacies to get online orders and deliver the products at doorstep. Customers can also check whether a medicine is available at a given place or not and make orders right from them mobile or computer. 

Healthcare has remained a secondary priority for people since ages. But now, digital healthcare services will bring the renaissance that will generate awareness and will connect people to a healthier life. Success in healthcare in India is going to be the next milestone in Indian Independence.